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Swim Assistants
  • Megan Blackwell
  • Ally Dill
  • Bethan Draper
  • Ella Evernden
  • Ioan Griffiths
  • Emma Hepworth
  • Fran Payne
  • Reuben Powell
  • Millie Raymond
  • Ella Saulter
  • Megan Summers
  • Henry Thompson
  • Adam Vosper
  • Luke Vosper

St Luke's Swim School team


Swim Teacher

Chloe has had a love for swimming for as long as they can remember. Once completing their NPLQ lifeguard qualification at the age of 16, Chloe started working for University of Exeter. Whilst lifeguarding swimming lessons, Chloe decided this was something they wanted to become a part of. At age 17, Chloe became a swim teacher and has now been teaching swimmers from children to adults since 2014. Chloe developed a passion for teaching children and went on to study at university and is now a fully qualified Physical Education teacher. Chloe finds it rewarding teaching people of all ages, to watch them progress into happy, confident swimmers.

Outside of teaching Chloe enjoys physical activity such as the gym, netball and swimming and taking their dog for walks!


Swim Teacher

Doris prides herself on being an enthusiastic and dedicated swimming teacher, with experience in teaching both children and adults since 2008.

Doris has always loved water sports and finds swimming a joy, which led to her becoming an expert in teaching swimming to children & adults. In her opinion, swimming should be compulsory teaching for children from 3 years old - or even earlier if parents are happy to! Being able to swim can not only help you to be safe in the water but also to become a confident swimmer and have lots of fun in the water in any environment - at the pool or any other outdoor water environment; sea, lakes or rivers (given conditions favourable to do so!)

Other water sport activities apart from swimming that Doris enjoys are; snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing and body boarding.

“I hope to help you become a better swimmer whenever possible”.


Swim Teacher

Katy started working with us earlier in 2017 and teaches our weekly Aqua Fit classes. Katy has always loved the water, and has been teaching swimming for 17 years. She is also a level 1 water polo coach, and an Aqua Aerobics Instructor. Katy teaches stages 4 and 5 on Thursdays.


Swim Teacher

Lizzie has been a swim teacher for 4 years with Level 1 and Level 2 Swim Teacher qualifications. Lizzie's hobbies are exercising (mainly swimming) and spending time with her friends. 


Swim Teacher

Harry is a current student at University of Exeter and has just moved to Exeter from East London to study medical science. Harry has been club swimming since he was around 8: 10+ years and was recently made club captain of his swimming club back home. Harry has been teaching swimming since 2017 and at UoE, he is a swimming teacher, swimming assistant and a lifeguard at UoE and is loving working here.

Qualifications: National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and SEQ Level 1 and level 2 swimming teaching.

Hobbies and interests include: Football (Chelsea), snooker, basketball, swimming, boxing, playing video games and spending time with his cat (my son), called Saggy.


Swim Teacher

I am currently studying Liberal Arts and the University of Exeter and have moved from living in Cardiff. I have been swimming for Cardiff since the age of 8, and been competing nationally, and have also continued with swimming within the university club. I have been teaching swimming since 2021 as a swim teacher and swim assistant. 

Outside of teaching I enjoy many sports including swimming, netball, running and going to the gym. I also love spending time with friends and family! 

Qualifications = Level 1 and Level 2 Swimming


Swim Teacher

Hannah is a current student at the University of Exeter and has moved to Exeter from Sydney, Australia to study archaeology with forensic science. Hannah has been club swimming since she was around 8: 10+ years, swimming at state and national level back in Australia as well as playing waterpolo for 5+ years and continues to play for the university. Hannah has been teaching swimming since 2018 back in Australia, and has been at Exeter since September 2021. She is a swimming teacher and swimming assistant at UoE and is loving working here.

Hobbies and interests include: Rugby Union and rugby 7s, waterpolo, swimming and surfing.

Qualifications: Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Australia Qualification, first Aid certification, Advanced resuscitation techniques certification and Bronze medallion surf life saving qualification.


Swim Teacher

Alisa is currently a 3rd year student at the University of Exeter studying Sport and Exercise Sciences. They have been a member of the Exeter University Swimming Club for 3 years and train with them whilst at university. For 10+ years, Alisa was a competitive swimmer and triathlete competing up to national level. They have been a swim teaching since April 2021 and is loving working as a swimming teacher at the UoE.

Hobbies: Swimming, Reading, Baking

Qualifications: SEQ Levels 1 and 2 swimming teaching


Swim Teacher

James is a student at the University of Exeter, studying Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. James has been involved with swimming all their life, beginning with swimming clubs and then moving on to join lifesaving clubs as they got older. 

Back home in Nottingham, they began volunteering at their local leisure centre in 2016 and quickly fell in love with teaching. In 2018 they became an ASA Level 1 teaching assistant and then in 2019, gained the ASA level 2 qualification to become a full swimming teacher. Since then, they have taught a wide range of classes from toddlers to adults including Rookies, water polo and inclusion lessons. They are also a qualified pool and open water lifeguard which they thoroughly enjoy. 

Qualifications: National pool lifeguard qualification, ASA level 1 and 2 swimming teacher, open water lifeguard qualification. 

Hobbies: Playing and watching Rugby, reading books and volunteering with the Royal Lifesaving society at open water events and music festivals around the country


Swim Teacher

Cora is a literature student at the University of Exeter who loves the pool and all things swimming! From South Wales, she swam competitively for her county team for ten years before coming to university. Cora’s hobbies (aside from swimming) include: reading, baking, walking her dog (Fred), and spending time with friends and family. 

Cora has been working as a swim teacher/assistant and lifeguard for three years and loves her job immensely as she believes that swimming is an essential skill as well as a fun activity for all.


Swim Teacher

Levi is an experienced teacher, holding his level one and two qualifications. He is the coach of squad and teaches rookie lifeguard for those that have completed the Learn to Swim stages and are looking for a new challenge in the water! A fun fact about Levi is that he used to compete in the National Lifesaving Championships and even went up against a member of our OP’s team Will Gibbons when they were younger!


Swim Teacher

Owen is another long-standing member of our teaching team. His knowledge of swimming and the centre combined makes him a great teacher and has held his teaching qualifications since 2019. When not teaching Owen can be seen around catching Pokémon on his phone!