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Sports President 2023-24

One of the main responsibilities of the Sports President is to ensure the views of all students who are part of the Athletic Union are represented in delivering an exceptional student sports experience, working with the sports management team and Athletic Union. They will deliver on student priorities for sport, being accountable to AU Council. They will also promote and bring about change based on changing student needs. This year, your student voice is Gee.

Gee's Aims for 23/24

Hello everyone my name is Gee Burnett, and I am your sports president for the academic year 2023/2024. Recently, I completed my studies and graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. Throughout my time at Exeter, I actively engaged in various sports and activities including rugby, squash, benchball and many more. Due to the impact of COVID-19, it took some time to find my footing with a club. However, I am now actively involved in Rugby, specifically from a performance analysis perspective, and I also coach benchball regularly. Prior to joining the university, I obtained a personal training qualification and cycling coaching qualification, which allowed me to coach individuals in activities such as track cycling and fitness training at the gym. I firmly believe that sports not only provide an avenue for making friends at university but also promote healthy lifestyle habits. 

My aspirations for the upcoming year: 

Accessibility: I am aware of the financial challenges many students are facing, particularly with the current cost-of-living crisis. As a result, I am committed to ensuring that sports remain accessible to everyone. I want to alleviate the financial burdens associated with trying out new sports and create opportunities for all students to participate. I want to work closely with our social sports teams to make sure our pitch up and play is efficient and well promoted as well as involves as many sports as possible to give students a go at trying as many sports as possible whilst accessing free sport at the university. 

Diversity: I aim to promote stronger inter-club relations, enhancing match-day support and fostering lasting relationships. By doing so, we can celebrate the diversity within our sporting community and bridge the gap between the Athletic Union (AU) and guild sports. I want players to have a broader understanding of sports beyond their own clubs and course. I also aim to get as many clubs as possible involved with both “Movember” and “This Girl Can” this year. This will need clubs to come together to run events and spread awareness for causes such as those mentioned above and will create cohesion within our AU community. 

Improved Sporting Facilities: Exeter University is renowned for its sports programs, and I believe it's essential that our facilities match this reputation. Therefore, I am dedicated to advocating for proposals that will enhance our sports park, as well as upgrade and maintain surrounding sports grounds like Topsham. 

I am really excited about the year ahead and the opportunities it holds to engage more individuals in sports. Together, we can create an inclusive and ever-growing sports community at our university

The AU Executive Committee are elected by the AU President every year to support them in delivering the best possible student sporting experience! The Exec team act as a bridge between AU clubs and AU office staff, and work to ensure the continuous improvement of student sport.

Universal Duties of AU Exec:

  • Exec members are expected to attend both Exec and AU Council meetings. 
  • Each Exec member will be designated a member of the AU Office staff, who will act as their professional liaison, to work together on initiatives, manifesto points and events where necessary. 
  • Exec members will help with the running of key AU events such as charity events, large varsities, Open Days and AU Dinner.  
  • The AU Exec will be responsible for the accountability of the President and will ensure that the President upholds their manifesto promises.  
  • Exec members will be assigned an equal amount of clubs to touch base with.  

In addition to their universal duties, each Exec member has their own remit, from developing the AU’s social media strategy to supporting clubs with their alumni events.

Vice-President - Harrison Dibble (He/Him)

The primary responsibility of the Vice President is to deputise for the President, including carrying out some of their duties, where necessary. The secondary responsibility of the Vice President is to be a team leader for club treasurers, serving as the students' first port of call for enquiries regarding the AU fund and offering assistance with preparing applications.  

Professional Liaison: Charlotte Raymont. 

General Secretary - Ollie Lindsey-Clark (He/Him)

The role of the AU Exec secretary is to support the AU President in ensuring the smooth functioning of the AU Executive Committee. 

Professional Liaison: AU President  

Publicity and Media Officer - Will Gupwell (He/Him) & Helena Hughes (She/Her)

A successful Media Exec is someone who upholds the Student Sport brand identity throughout all relevant social media platforms by providing inciteful and innovative contributions to the social media strategy.  

Professional Liaison: Poppy Manning    

Alumni Officer - Billy Wootten (He/Him)

Working closely with the Sports Alumni Engagement Officer from the Global Advancement team, the Alumni Officer supports clubs with their alumni-related activities and helps promote fundraising opportunities.  

The engagement of alumni and their cohorts with current university sports clubs has proven to be beneficial to clubs who have developed a strong alumni network. This relationship is maintained through termly sports e-newsletters, alumni/student events, alumni/student mentoring and fundraising opportunities: all with the aim to help develop Exeter University sports clubs. 

Professional Liaison: Natalie Swain 

Welfare Officer - Maisie McFarlane (She/Her)

The Exec Welfare Officer acts as a team leader for all club welfare officers and works collaboratively with the Sports Welfare Consultant to improve welfare training, provide role-specific advice and signpost useful well-being resources. This Exec member should be elected with a speech of innovative policies and ideas to improve and raise awareness of student sport well-being issues.  

Professional Liaison: Anna Janota  

Inclusion Officer - Chloe Whitworth (She/They) & Katie Bellwood (She/Her)  

The Inclusion Officer is expected to work with relevant stakeholders to improve representation in sport and actively promote participation events to current student body.  

Professional Liaison: Stephen Brown. 


Events Co-ordinator - Ruzza Sheikh (He/Him)