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Data protection

The University of Exeter is a data controller and is committed to protecting your personal data and working in accordance with relevant data protection legislation. Your personal information is used to provide you with our services that you request to access and to communicate with you regarding the sports facilities and associated services. This Privacy Notice explains how the University of Exeter processes and uses the personal data we collect.

For more information see the University General Data Protection Regulations page.

We hold information supplied by our customers in order to provide our services. The information is gathered in a variety of methods: Membership sign-up, booking facilities, using facilities, participating in activities or engaging in our services. Customers are asked for relevant information and informed when data is collected. This information is used to provide our services to you as a customer. When giving us any information please check the Privacy Notice on the form/online and/or ask the relevant member of staff. 

The information about University of Exeter Students and University of Exeter Staff who use the sports facilities may have limited contact information transferred to the University of Exeter Sport from the University of Exeter Student/Staff record. You are able to view, update and edit this information as desired.

Information may include:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Staff/Student ID
  • Staff/Student ID card number
  • Medical information that you specifically supply us which may affect your use of the sports facilities
  • Your usage of the sports facilities and services
  • Photo for member identification and for accessing the facilities

It is important that the information we hold is accurate and for this reason our Management Systems are able to update from the University of Exeter Student/Staff records and customers are able to update manually.

The information we hold about our customers is used to communicate whilst facilities and services are being used. In order to provide services we require customer identification and contact information. Customer information may be automatically removed from our Leisure Management System after 3 years if inactive.

We use your data to communicate with you regarding your membership/use of facilities/participation in activities and engagement in events with the University of Exeter Sport. We also use some data to analyse use of facilities in order to provide our customers with a model of continuous improvement. We will inform customers of activities and events related to your use of the facilities as well as opening times, price changes etc. We do not allow our partners to use the contact information for any reason other than the purpose it was shared with them for; for instance if you take Direct Debit membership, Harlands will be in contact with regard to the payment process as we appointed them to manage the DD payment process, but they will not contact you for marketing purposes.

Communication methods may include:

  • Enewsletters

For example: we send members a monthly enewsletter regarding the sports facilities and membership.
These enewsletters may contain important information regarding opening hours, prices, changes to Terms and Conditions
You may unsubscribe from these enewsletters

  • Text messages

For example: to confirm bookings or to inform of a cancellation of an activity

  • Email

For example: confirmation of membership/bookings/services or important messages regarding membership/facilities.

  • Phone

For example: to confirm a change of booking or a cancellation of an activity.

  • Posted letters

We may occasionally post a letter when we do not have an email address or phone number available and we need to inform you of something important regarding your membership/terms and conditions of facilities usage.

Communication may include an element of marketing but this will be related to the sports facilities, services and activities and may contain messages/information from the University of Exeter.

Information we hold may be shared with other University departments in order to provide services. For example some activities/services we provide are in conjunction with other University departments and therefore limited participation data may be shared.

Limited relevant information may also be shared with agencies external to the University of Exeter in order to provide services and activities where systems are provided by those companies in order to:

  • Send enewsletters
  • Provide membership payment
  • Provide bookings information
  • National Governing Bodies of Sport for courses/education.

Anonymised data may also be shared with National Governing Bodies of Sport, Sport England and other strategic organisations. No data subject will be identifiable – the information is related to facility use/membership type/age/gender demographics. Information is only shared in support of our activities and services to our customers or where there is a requirement to do so. We may agree to share anonymised data to support strategies that may benefit our customers.

The University of Exeter (including the University of Exeter Sport) does not sell data to third parties or allow third parties to sell data which is shared with them. Data is only shared where there is a requirement to do so in order to provide you with the service requested.

Your data will be shared with the Alumni team to update your alumni record with your interests whilst at Exeter. You will be able to express preferences about the communications you receive when you become Alumni.

We take the process of managing your data seriously. We only request the data we need to provide you with a service, we only store data for as long as we need to, we don't share unless there is a requirement to do so to provide you with the services requested. Where information is in paper form it is in secured areas and where it is electronic it will be on password protected drives/equipment.

Customer information is held electronically on our Leisure Management System which is hosted on secure University of Exeter servers that are managed by University of Exeter IT. The Leisure Management System is only accessible by a limited number of appropriately trained staff on IT equipment provided by and maintained by the University of Exeter. Electronic information may also be stored on other electronic platforms where necessary managed by the University of Exeter. 

Any information shared is done so only where necessary to provide you with a service, please see appropriate forms or discuss with staff memebrs responsible.

Any customer information held in paper form will be stored in locked offices in filing cabinets for the relevant duration related to the purpose of its collection.

Electronic storage of information will be on University of Exeter servers (unless shared).

Customers can update information held on the Leisure Management System by informing the Sports Park or St Luke’s Sports Centre reception.

Customers can opt-in to communications and request to not receive further information from the University of Exeter Sport by informing the Sports Park or St Luke’s Sports Centre reception. It is important to consider that we request to have a contact method in case of emergency or for complications regarding booking/activity. It is also important to consider we may still contact a customer with important information directly related to membership/booking/service/cancellation as required when providing a service or for health and safety reasons.

Customers can ask to be removed from our Leisure Management System, we will then use a system module to anonymise and forget information. Some anonomised data may remain to conform to finaincial regulations or for monitoring purposes.

You may ask to see the information we hold about you, please request this through

We require customer information to:

  • provide membership/services/activities
  • meet health and safety guidelines
  • update customers on facilities developments/information

You have the right to:

  • ask to see, edit, update and delete personal information held about you
  • object to specific use of data (don’t wish to receive monthly enewsletters for example)
  • ask for the University of Exeter Sport to only use a specific communication method
  • ask for the transfer of data we hold
  • ask to view the Information Sharing Agreements we hold with our partners

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact the Director of Sport on 01392 723595. Alternatively contact the University of Exeter Data Protection Officer by emailing Further information regarding the University of Exeter GDPR can be found on our data protection webpages.

The University’s Data Protection Officer is responsible for monitoring compliance with relevant legislation in relation to personal data and can be contacted at, you can also contact the DPO if you have any queries or concerns about the University’s processing of your personal data. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office.