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Wellbeing Support Services

The connection between physical and mental health is well documented, however, mental distress can produce a large barrier to participation in activity for those who would benefit from it most. We hope that by encouraging an inclusive atmosphere in our sports clubs, gym and spaces around campus and by educating those in leadership roles, more people will feel able to join us, make friends and keep active during their time at Exeter. 

At Exeter, our welfare support aims to help raise awareness about mental health and well-being for sports clubs members, Gym members and Social Sport teams; remove barriers for students participating in physical activity, and to provide a platform for sports clubs at the University of Exeter to improve welfare support for all their members. People from all backgrounds and walks of life experience mental health difficulties, including students at the University of Exeter.   

The welfare support fostered in our sports committees is invaluable during your time at University.  We have dedicated Welfare Officers for all our Sports Clubs, Wellbeing Mentors to provide more individual support to new members, our Welfare Executive who forms part of the Executive Committee and a Welfare Consultant, providing dedicated welfare support to those students who need it.  

Well-Being Tool Kit 

Looking after your emotional health and well-being is an important skill at university and in your everyday life. Building skills which enable you to be more resilient in the face of challenges is an effective way of supporting your well-being. We cannot avoid challenges or difficult experiences but learn to respond differently to these events. 

Students can face a lot of natural challenges during their time at university such as: 

  • moving to a new place 

  • leaving behind friends/family and familiar surroundings 

  • managing finances 

  • living independently for the first time 

  • meeting new people from a variety of backgrounds 

  • adjusting to new routines 

Go to ‘My Wellbeing Toolkit’ for information and techniques to help you think about skills which could support you to stay healthy and resilient at university.   

For anyone who would like support from our Wellbeing Team, they can request a drop-in appointment, where they will have a conversation which enables them to outline concerns to a practitioner and discuss the best next steps:  

If your mental or physical health or well-being is having an effect on your ability to study, or your studying is creating health problems for you, then the helpful and experienced Education Welfare Team are available to talk to you in a confidential and non-judgemental way about any issues you may need support with. You can find more about the Education Welfare Team and how to refer yourself for support here:  

For any more urgent mental health support needs, you can find information about support services here: