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Study Support

Hints and tips to help you get through the exam period as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Revision essential

Drink plenty of water and eat healthily

The brain is 75% water so if you are dehydrated your brain will be less effective when trying to concentrate and remember things. Nourish your brain and body with a balanced diet as when you eat poorly, your body doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. Eating healthily will help your brain to retain more information and stay focused. For recipe ideas and food videos made with Exeter students visit Student Cooking TV.

Get enough sleep

During exams, it’s important that you’re awake and alert during the day so try not to revise through the night and aim to get at least 8 hours sleep per night. Also, save the partying for after the exams!

Revise in short, effective chunks

There’s no point in sitting in front of your notes for three hours or more if you’re not absorbing anything. It’s best to arrange your revision so that you work for short periods (no more than an hour at a time without a 10min rest).

Managing Exam Stress

Although a little bit of stress is good, it's important to keep it under control. The key is finding a balance. Below is a useful link to the wellbeing information directory that has guidance on many issues including managing stress and anxiety.

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