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Social Sport Activity

Social Sport Christmas Cups:

The Social Sport Christmas Cups are here! Beginning with group games, everyone will play against multiple other social sport teams. Those that do well will progress to the knockout stages, playing until there are only two teams left. Win the final, and your team will be crowned our Christmas Cup winners.


The football Christmas Cup will take place on the Rubber Crumb, Saturday 10th of December, 12-6pm. Entries are open now on Playwaze until 11:59pm on Wednesday the 7th of December. To enter, please click here


The hockey Christmas Cup will take place on the Water Pitch, Sunday the 4th of December, 4-10pm. Entries will be taken via the intramural hockey Facebook page. To enter, please join the Facebook page here.


Social Sport Leagues:

Registration for Term 1, is closed

Join over 4,000 University of Exeter students playing weekly in our Social Sport Leagues (SSLs). It's the perfect way to enjoy competitive sport and make new friends right here on campus.  Our SSLs are open to all University of Exeter students, staff and alumni, with teams usually entered representing halls, academic subjects, sports clubs, societies or groups of friends. 

There are plenty of sports to choose from playing on various days of the week outside the academic timetable.

The league runs throughout Term 1 with a fresh registration for Term 2. This is to allow for new groups of friends to form over Term 1 and for students who will begin their studies with us in January.

A new intramural sports league starts in term 3 with a variety of sports including plenty of Rounders!

Please click here for Term 1 SSL Timetable!

Term 1Term 2 Term 3
Badminton (mixed) Badminton (mixed) Rounders (mixed)
Basketball (men’s) Basketball (men’s) Small-sided hockey (mixed)
Football 9-a-side (men's) Touch Rugby (mixed) Touch Rugby (mixed)
Football 6-a-side (men's) Football 9-a-side (men's) Football 6-a-side football (mixed)
Hockey (mixed) Football 6-a-side (men's) Netball (mixed)
Touch Rugby (mixed) Hockey (mixed)  
Netball (mixed) Netball (mixed)  

How do I join?

Our SSLs are open to all University of Exeter students, with teams usually entered representing halls, academic subjects, sports clubs, societies or groups of friends. Below is a list of ways you can enter a team into the SSLs:

  • Sign up as a group of friends
  • Join a society team at the fair at freshers week
  • Join a course team - contact your course rep for details of what sports are on offer
  • Join an AU sports club team, head to the Sports park during freshers week to find out more information from all the sport club stands 
  • Join by yourself - email our Social Sport Co-ordinator with your name, email address and sport you are interested in and they will help find you a team 

Registration for Term 1, is now closed

SSL sign-up walkthrough: 

Before signing up for our Social Sports Leagues, please read these instructions carefully: 

  1. You will be asked to either 'log in' or 'create account'. Choose what is appropriate for you. 
  2. Click, 'Joining as Myself'. 
  3. Click through to the community you want to join and click join. 
  4. Check that the league you wish to join has places remaining. If there are 0 places remaining and your try to enter the league, you may be charged to be put on a waiting list.
  5. Click on the league you wish to join and create/add your team.
For any questions or enquiries, please email 


All payments for Intramural are now up-front via the Playwaze platform. 

SOCIETIES: You must pay upfront for your teams. Please email for further information on how to be reimbursed.

AU CLUBS: You must also now pay upfront for your teams. Please see Charlotte in the Student Sports Office to use your Club Card to pay for your teams. 

The University of Exeter is proud to include a variety of ways in which students can be active whilst studying, one of these is Pitch Up and Play!

If you're not keen to join a sports club, or commit to playing in our Social Sport Leagues, then Pitch Up and Play could be just for you.

As a Student Sport team, we will run a timetable through all three terms full of activities that you can just turn up to. It's free, weekly and has no commitment requirements. You just turn up when you want!

To Book Sessions please click here

For further information, please email

There are many ways that you can 'Move Your Mood' at the University of Exeter.

You could play a competitive sport as a part of one of our 52 different clubs, or you could be a part of a participation event.

We have Social Sport Leagues, one-off mass participation events throughout the year or bespoke programmes designed in accordance with student demand.

You could try UV Ultimate Frisbee, or Wheelchair Basketball, or Yoga in one of our many green spaces.

We can also put on self-defence classes upon demand and have successfully run inclusive courses like 'Basics to Barbells', a five-week introduction to safely workout in the gym before going in the gym itself.

The most important thing, is we listen to you.

This is a great opportunity to not only increase health but also optimise well-being by taking a break from studies and interacting with other students.

 Timetable for Term 1: 

What? When? Where? How Much?
Sensory Friendly Hours Weekdays 10:00-11:00 & 14:00-15:00 Russel Seal Fitness Centre Included With Gym Membership
Basic to Barbells

Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 - 8/11/22 - 6/12/22

Fridays 17:00-18:00 -  11/11/22 - 9/12/22

PTF Gym £15 for 5 week course






To book any of our Move your Mood activities, please click here
Please email for more information.