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Gym inductions


Prior to using the Russell Seal Fitness Centre or St Luke's Fitness Suite all new members must view our online induction videos and read the gym code of conduct and health commitment statement which relate to the correct use of our facilities to ensure your safety, the safety of other users and enhance the enjoyment of these facilities.

Please pay careful attention to the information in the videos, which demonstrate the correct use of equipment. By completing the form below you are confirming that you have carefully watched both videos.

Alternatively, if you would prefer an hour long on-site induction with a qualified member of staff, this can be arranged by visiting the Sports Park or St Luke's reception.


By completing the form below you are confirming you have read the code of conduct, agree with the health committment statement and watched both online gym inductions and will abide by their contents.  Once you have completed the form the Sports Office will receive an email and your membership will be updated to confirm you have completed your induction.

Gym Induction Video

Gym induction confirmation

Please complete the form below to confirm that you have watched the videos, agree with the health statement and read the code of conduct.