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History of Exeter Sport
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If you wish to search the archive of colours and awards you can download the Awards and Colours Spreadsheet 2019.  To search within the spreadsheet use Ctrl F.

University of Exeter Sport Awards

Colours and Awards

The Colours and Awards at Reed Hall aims to celebrate the diverse achievements and contributions of sporting students at the University of Exeter. This event will serve as an opportunity to recognise outstanding individuals while fostering a sense of community and pride within the University. 

NOMINATIONS WINDOW: Monday 29th April, 9amWednesday 8th May, 5pm 

*Kindly be advised that nominations received after the designated closing time will not be accepted. 


Date and Venue 

Date: Wednesday 29th May 2024 

Venue: Reed Hall, University of Exeter 

Time: 4:30pm – 7pm 


Nomination information 

Any committee member from an AU Club, Head of Sport or member of University of Exeter Sport staff can make a nomination and you may make as many nominations as you see fit.  

See below for the nomination categories along with their criteria. Please note we will be shortlisting based on the nomination form alone, so therefore we recommend you provide as much detail as possible and to include examples where relevant.   

If your nomination has been successful, the nominee will receive an invitation to the event on Friday 17th May. 

Club Award -Awarded to a student who has given outstanding service and commitment to their club and in their final year of study. This can be a member of the committee, team captain, a student coach or a volunteer who goes above and beyond to serve their club. Administrative contribution, leadership roles, playing service, coaching, dedication, loyalty and being a positive role model are all terms that are associated with this individual. 

Deciding panel: Charlotte Raymont, Gee Burnett, Lauren Rowe, Eva Lewis 


Club Colours -Awarded for exceptional achievement within a sport, including national student representation or other representative honours. Outstanding performance for the University of Exeter in inter-university competition shall be given particular weight. Club colours are only awarded once and in the year of achievement.  


University Colours -University Colours are awarded to students who have gained full or under-21 international representation while regularly representing the University at the highest level and performing with unusual distinction. University Colours will be reviewed each year, and a student may be awarded a University Colour multiple times whilst at university.  

Any questions, please email Gee Burnett: 


Student Sport Dinner

Amidst the vibrant energy of University of Exeter's campus, the annual Student Sport Awards stand as a beacon of celebration and recognition. As the sun sets on another year of athletic prowess and collective achievement, anticipation mounts for this illustrious event. Honouring the dedication, skill, and passion of Exeter's student athletes, coaches, and volunteers, these awards symbolise the heart of the university's sporting community. From remarkable individual performances to the unwavering commitment to team and club success, the Student Sport Awards showcase the diverse talents and indomitable spirit that define Exeter's sporting legacy. On Wednesday June 5th, 2024, we will gather to applaud excellence and inspire future generations of sporting greatness.


Date and Venue

Date: Wednesday 5th June 2024

Venue: The Great Hall, University of Exeter

Time: 7pm - 11pm



Each club may submit only one form, accommodating multiple nominations within it for various awards. Collaboration with relevant sport heads, committees and club members is required for nominations.

**The nomination form is only available via your Club Captain**

Any duplicate club nominations will not be considered.

Please note we will be shortlisting based on the nomination form alone, so therefore we recommend you provide as much detail as possible to include examples where relevant.



Monday 29th April (9am): Nominations open for all

Wednesday 8th May (5pm): Nominations close for all

Wednesday 8th May onwards: Shortlisting for Student Sport Awards (Selection Panel)

Week Commencing Monday 13th May: Confirmation of Student Sport Award Winners (Deciding Panel)


Nomination categories

For full details please see below:

Student Sport Awards & Criteria


Shortlisting Process

We employ a scoring system to identify the top 5 candidates based solely on the information within the nomination form. The first-place nominee from each member of the scoring panel (made up from someone within each department) receives 5 points, second-place 4 points, and so on, naturally establishing a leading top 5. These finalists, along with their nominations, will advance to the deciding panel for the winner's selection.

Selection Panel: Gee Burnett, Lauren Rowe, Merryn Doidge, Nicky Savill, Eva Lewis, Vicky Carnall, Harry Anderson-Brown

Deciding panel: Alison Davidson, Charlie Hale, Paul Kirby & Charlotte Raymont


The Bruce Coleman Unsung Hero Award and the Sports Personality of the Year be determined by the AU members through an online voting system. This will be released via an online voting system on Friday 17th May. The link for the vote will go live on our website, sent to Club Captains, and posted on our social media.


**The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 8th May 5pm**

Any questions, please email Sports President, Gee Burnett on