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Student Minds

The university of Exeter student sport team take both physical and mental health very seriously. This is why over the past 4 years we have been working twith student minds to deliver innovative programmes for our students to ensure their mental health is looked after just as much and their physical health. Two project we are currently working on are listed below.

Mental health in sport training

The University of Exeter student sport is pleased to be able to offer workshops and training for sports clubs and committees regarding “Mental Health and Sport”.

The training is designed to offer clubs and committees a guide to best practice in supporting students within their club that may be suffering from mental health issues. The workshop is very interactive and encourages attendees to explore practices within their club that already offer support for fellow students, as well as offering practical advice on how to implement further support measures that can be provided by club members.

The training then goes on to explore what further support services are available for students either at university or in the wider community and how to best sign post onto these services.

This training is essential for any club that is looking to provide comprehensive support for all club members to ensure mental health and fitness is treated as importantly as physical health.

For more information and to express your clubs interest in taking the training please email  Paul Mouland, Health, Wellness and Engagement Officer.

Peer Support Groups

Low mood is common among university students. Very common. The Positive Minds course has been designed to give students the skills they need to keep low mood at bay. If students are interested in learning new ideas to help keep their university experience a positive one, this course is for them. 

The Positive Minds sessions follow a structure; through six meetings students will be guided through a workbook packed full of ideas and suggestions to help them stay positive. The groups hope to support people experiencing or with experience of low mood, to build broader networks of social support, adopt self-care strategies, engage in more, and to realise that they are not suffering alone.

The university of Exeter Student sport team are now able to train students to become pees support facilitators. We are currently looking for students that are keen to facilitate sessions for their peers in the sporting environment.

We understand that students are often the first source of support for their peers and many students want to know how to appropriately support others.  Our group will be facilitated by trained student volunteers who ensure the conversations remain supportive and safe. These group facilitators are core to our organisation and by volunteering with Student Minds you’ll be at the forefront of our work to help improve student mental health.

Volunteering as a group facilitator will give you a unique opportunity to develop your skills, make a difference at university, boost your CV and gain experience in the field of mental health.

You will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you feel knowledgeable, confident and skilled to deliver suitable and effective peer support on your campus.

If you would like to apply to be a facilitator please complete the application form