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**If you are interested in competing within one of our Performance Sports, please complete the attached form **

Performance tennis players will be given access to the following sports specific programme in addition to the Performance Programme services

  • Up to 3 x S&C sessions per week including recovery with UKSCA acredited S&C coaches in the Athlete Development Center (ADC)
  • 12 hours per week on court training and on court conditioning and testing with the High Performance Coaching Team
  • Individual coaching & player development
  • 5 x men's and 4 x women's teams competing in weekly BUCS matches
  • Men's 1st team play in the Southern Premier Division
  • Women's 1st team play in Southern Premier Division
  • Opportunities for Performance athletes to compete in BUCS individuals, University Tennis Tour, British Tour and ITF events

 Coach and Athlete Profiles

Guy Leverton - Head Coach, High Performance


Head Coach - University Performance Programme

Lead Tutor - University of Exeter, LTA Coach Education Centre.


Guy started playing tennis at the age of 7. As a junior he trained and competed in the UK and France before turning Pro at 18.

He is an LTA Coach Education Tutor and Assessor and has been coaching for over 30 years. During this time he has travelled extensively and worked across all aspects of the industry.