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Sports President

My name is James and I am your Sports President the 2022-23 academic year. 

As your Athletic Union President, I am the voice and representative for all students who want to get involved in sport at Exeter. From recreational to competitive sport, as well as employability opportunities with coaching and umpiring, I work alongside the AU team and students to ensure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

My key aims for the year ahead are increased student coach support, along with improved inclusivity and accessibility support. To hear more about my manifesto head below to see more.


All members should feel welcome and valued; no matter what club they belong to, no matter how confident they feel, no matter what level they perform at. Closing the gap between more casual members and the elite BUCS level will help provide better value for money and fairness for all. 

Student Coach Support:

Increased support and training for student coaches will result in better structured sessions, allowing members to develop faster in their sport. This improvement will increase students engagement in the club leading to a greater student sport experience for all.


Each club should establish more frequent accessibility sessions allowing for students with physical or learning difficulties to enjoy the great Exeter sporting experience. Big club events, such as varsities, should also be adapted to allow for anyone to come along and show there support.

Raising money to help students access Guild societies and Athletics Union clubs.

What is the societies and clubs hardship fund?

Exeter Students’ Guild and Athletics Union have collaborated to create the Societies and Clubs Hardship Fund, which students can apply to for financial support. The fund can be used to help students join societies and clubs, which can have membership fees ranging from £5 to £100, as well as to help students participate in society and club activities. These activities, such as attending events or purchasing sports kit, could cost £50 or more. However, the hardship fund takes away these financial barriers so that every student can get fully involved. 

Why this matters

For many students, societies and clubs are a core part of their University lives, and we want that opportunity to be available for everyone. Societies and clubs allow students to connect with others, gain new experiences, and make friends that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Being part of a society or club can also help improve students’ employability skills, for example, by giving them volunteering experience. This fund helps level the playing field and allows people from a variety of backgrounds to fully immerse themselves in the University community.

Who are we?

The Students' Guild are the Students’ Union at Exeter, and they exist to make Students' university experience as amazing as possible.  They are led by students, for students and have elected full-time Officers representing student interests at the heart of everything they do. 

The Athletics Union is the home of student sport at Exeter with 52 different clubs and opportunities ranging from BUCS High Performance sport to recreational sport and Intramural- there really is something for everyone.

Where will your money go?

We are asking for donations to the Societies and Clubs hardship fund because the rising cost of living means that student loans are just not enough to cover the cost of food, bills, accommodation and enable some students to join societies and clubs in Exeter. Your donations to the fund will give students who are struggling financially the opportunity to join in with the extracurricular activities they would like to.

  • £10 could buy membership to a society
  • £30 could buy society merchandise
  • £50 could buy a ticket to a formal event or trip 
  • £100 could buy membership to an Athletics Union Club.  

Find us here

Exeter's Students' Union - Students' Guild ( 

Help us succeed!

Please help our students by donating to the fund and sharing our page to help spread the word! Thank you!

The 2022 AU Award Shortlist and winners is here! It was a fantastic evening and great to see everyone back together after a long few years off. We had a lot to celebrate after a very success year: winning leagues, championships, trophies and not to forget all the fundraising that has been done over the year. You can see the photos from the evening here, and the list of nominees and the winners below... 

 Achievements in Media

  • Men's Football
  • Fencing
  • Touch Rugby (Winner)
  • Tennis  
  • Ladies Football  

Student Coach of the Year 

  • Sanjana Kang-Mullen – EULCC
  • Connor Wright - Futsal (Winner) 
  • James Coffin - Tennis    
  • James Eslik – Canoe  
  • Thomas Nagle – Rugby League  

Treasurer of the Year 

  • Keanu Boucher, Touch  
  • Alexander Mason, Squash  
  • Chris James, Sailing  
  • Martha Bearne, Rifle (Winner) 
  • Joe Wilson, Rowing  

The AU Unsung Hero(es) Award

  • Laura Stops, Boatclub
  • Arlen Veysey, Fencing (Winner)  
  • Emily Bec, Netball  
  • Amy Swift, Boxing  
  • Joanna Gaudini, Table Tennis  

The Bruce Coleman Contribution to Sport Award 

  • Robert Giardelli, Sailing  
  • James Coffin, Tennis
  • Rachael Cawker, Ladies hockey  
  • Lillie Saunders, Cycling  
  • Sally McKendery, Ladies Football (Winner) 

Club Captain of the Year

  • Anthony Lynch, Table Tennis (Winner)  
  • Jade Richards, Netball  
  • Harry Isaacs, Mens Football
  • Aman, Jui Jitsu
  • George Whittington, American Football  

Sports Personality of the Year

  • Antonia Sokic, Tennis
  • Emily Drysdale Ladies Hockey
  • Lewis Cox, Tennis  
  • Fin Richardson, Mens Rugby (Winner)
  • Sam Avery, Swimming

Club Development of the Year

  • Trampoline (Winner) 
  • Golf  
  • Men’s Football  
  • American Football  
  • Ladies football  

Inclusive Club of the Year

  • Tennis  
  • Ladies Cricket  
  • Ladies Football (Winner)  
  • Table Tennis  
  • Surf  

Participation Activity of the Year 

  • Women's Rugby
  • Boxing
  • Canoe
  • Fencing (Winner)  
  • Tennis  

Sustainable Club of the Year

  • Tennis

  • Ladies football  
  • Trampoline  
  • Subaqua  
  • Sailing (Winner)

Team Captain of the Year 

  • Ruby Wilkinson, Womens Rugby  
  • Jimmy Hawkings, Football (Winner) 
  • James Hammett, Sailing  
  • Olly White, Rugby  
  • Oscar Lindqvist, Golf  

Team of the Year

  • Netball  1s
  • Men’s Trampoline 
  • Golf 1s 
  • Womens Rugby 1s (Winner)   
  • Men’s Rugby 1s

Club of the Year 

  • Womens Rugby 
  • Ladies Football  
  • Mens Rugby (Winner)  
  • Netball  
  • Touch  


  • Natalya Helvadjian-Williams, Trampoline 
  • Tamsin Miller, Cycling
  • Rachael Fee, Netball 
  • Martha Taylor, Hockey (Winner) 
  • Matilda Toresater, Women's rugby 


  • Tabby D'NYeurt, Fencing 

  • Francesca Maini, Windriders (Winner)
  • Cole Rees-Williams, Karate
  • Emily Simon, Touch Rugby  
  • Nancy McGillivray, Women's Rugby


  • Dingo Raposo, Surf
  • Christ Tshiunza, Men's Rugby (Winner)
  • Rhys Bradshaw, Men's Hockey
  • Henry Waldern, Rifle
  • Dafydd Jenkins, Men's Rugby