The Russell Seal Fitness Centre

Over £6.5 million has been invested to ensure that the Russell Seal Fitness Centre provides the ultimate Gym experience for all customers. The 200 station fitness centre offers gym users the latest technological innovations alongside state-of-the-art Life Fitness™ equipment to maximise workouts at all levels. All are welcome to visit the Centre for a tour with one of our members of staff, and we also provide an online virtual tour of the facilities. There are three different membership packages available, all of which are available to purchase online. You can also complete a free online induction for the centre to help you get started and train safely.

Gym Hotspots

Plan your next workout using our Gym Hotspots below. Red periods indicate busier times, whilst green periods indicate quieter times.

Russell Seal Gym Hotspot 

St Luke's Gym Hotspot

The gym features around 100 pieces of high quality cardiovascular equipment, including bikes, rowers, cross-trainers, treadmills and climbers to provide an unrivalled fitness experience. Machines feature personalised interactive training programmes, high definition touchscreen consoles, cloud technology, smart phone syncing, internet access, video and music streaming, and much more, to provide maximum training results and ensure that longer sessions remain interesting and varied.

Our Lifescape cross trainers, bikes, summit trainers and treadmills are the pinnacle of motivational gym training equipment. The incredible interactive workout features take you on exclusive, high definition journeys around the world. The integrated machines adapt to your workout: the resistance will increase as you encounter onscreen inclines, while the scenery will change according to your speed. Lifescape automatically captures workout data to help users track their process, and makes personalised recommendations when you log in.

High impact and high intensity, Synrgy 360 is the ultimate circuit-style exercise station. With TRXs, medicine balls, monkey bars, chin up bars, battle ropes, platforms, a power pivot, rebounder and a punch bag, Synrgy 360 provides a full-body workout. Whether you are training on your own or in a group environment, this versatile piece of kit will maximise any workout and can be used effectively for short, sharp exercise sessions.

Life Fitness™ cross trainers, treadmills and bikes offer enhanced interaction, internet connectivity and entertainment options at your fingertips, while LF Connect™ uses cloud technology to offer the ultimate workout experience. Gym users are able to use LF connect, and the downloadable LF Connect™ app, to create personalised exercise programmes; set durations, speeds and intervals; schedule training times; track progressions and target specific goals. The high definition touchscreen displays allow you to watch video, listen to music or browse the internet, and you can also connect a smartphone to access your personal library of music, videos and books whilst you train.

The Sci Fit Pro 2 all-body cycle trainer allows you to use your upper and/or lower body to power a stationary bike. Integrated foot-pedals and reversible hand-cranks allow a wide range of movements and exercises for a full body workout. Having received Medical CE IIa Certification for use as a medical device in rehab and hospital environments, the Sci Fit's removable seat also makes it wheelchair compatible, helping disabled or injured athletes to maximise their workout experience.

The upper gym is equipped with 10 Concept 2 Model E rowers, featuring the PM4 heart rate monitor system. Users can race against the machine's pace boat, compete against other rowers in the gym or or try to beat a previous best performance. For beginners, an on-screen rowing demo teaches the best technique to improve overall fitness.

A dedicated downstairs weights room features the latest in Hammer Strength free weights equipment, including six Olympic lifting platforms. The room also offers a multitude of flat and inclined benches, four 8ft half racks, dumbbells, barbells and extra resistance weights. The variety of equipment we offer allows lifters from all categories and ability levels the chance to build, tone and maintain muscle strength. The room also features music and plenty of ventilation and natural light to help escape the traditional "weights cave" stereotype.

Both the upstairs and downstairs gyms are equipped with a variety of resistance weights and plate loaded machines including seated leg presses, shoulder presses, pull-downs, chest presses, seated curls, flys and much more. Adjustable seating and resistance levels allow you to tailor your workout to fit your personal needs and can be adapted to build, condition or tone.

Endorsed by British Cycling, the Watt Bike is the perfect tool to monitor every aspect of your cycling performance - within seconds you can be accurately measuring your power output, pedalling technique and heart rate.

For performance athletes, the Watt Bike features incredibly accurate power output measures and a performance computer to track over 40 individual parameters in real time, helping you to check your progress throughout your ride.

The Concept2 SkiErg is more than just a ski trainer. Providing brilliant core exercises and body conditioning, the SkiErg can also focus on the upper body and help improve flexibility, co-ordination, balance and posture alongside cardiovascular elements. User-controlled intensity means you can set the pace and monitor your progress on the built-in performance monitor.

The S-Drive Performance Trainer provides the same benefits as self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems to help athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance whilst refining their form.