Fast and furious, Synrgy provides a full throttle fitness blast.

Using the unique multi-station apparatus in the Russell Seal Fitness Centre, Synrgy turns the gym into a 30 minute fitness disco. Motivational music, count down timers and Synrgy's own lighting rig will help you power through as you lift, squat, press, dip and move your way to functional muscle strength.

Short sharp exercise bursts are interspersed with rests periods to keep the intensity high, heart rate up, and muscles working. The exercise combinations of Synrgy are almost limitless, using kettle bells, battle ropes, TRXs, ViPrs, jump boxes, chin-up bars, floor ladders, medicine balls and much more.

Every session is unique with our instructors setting out different kit and workout combinations to ensure the routine stays fresh week in, week out.

All this in just half an hour, makes Synrgy the ultimate lunch time break or early morning wakeup call.

Please note: Synrgy classes take place in the Russell Seal Fitness Centre's upper gym space. You must be a member of University of Exeter Sport to gain access to this class.

Inclusive/Gym: FREE
PAYG: £1.75 + Gym entry

Visit our full timetable to see when this class takes place and to plan your fitness activities throughout the week.

Book class online

You can also book over the phone by contacting the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or St Luke's Sports Centre on 01392 724940.