One Kettle, one goal!

Using just one unique piece of equipment, our Kettlebells class lets you unlock the potential of your whole body. This highly physical and intensive class has only one goal: Results.

The ultimate conditioning class; the hour session will see you moving, lifting, curling, lunging and swinging your Kettlebell to fine-tune the muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders and core.

In Kettlecise, repetition is the key to success. Throughout the session you will craft a leaner, stronger and more toned body, whilst also increasing muscular endurance, through timed repetitions of simple exercises.

The great thing about using Kettlebells is you don’t need to lift the Earth. There are different weights to suit all strengths, abilities and goals. Our instructor will help you pick the right Kettlebell for you, ensuring you have a great workout and maximise the end result.

Visit our full timetable to see when this class takes place and to plan your fitness activities throughout the week.

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You can also book over the phone by contacting the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or St Luke's Sports Centre on 01392 724940.