Want to get in shape fast? Les Mills BodyPump™ is a non-impact weights-based exercise class that works the every major muscle group in the body, using weights, a bar and steps.

High repetition with low weights means you strengthen condition and tone your muscles quickly, so you’ll notice a real difference after just a few weeks.

If you’ve always thought that exercise is boring, BodyPump™ will change your mind. Using dynamic music and compelling choreography, the sessions are incredibly motivating – keeping you going right until the end.

If you’ve never been before, don’t worry. The classes are easy to follow, with our expert Les Mills instructors will be on-hand to offer guidance on the correct lifting techniques. People of all levels of fitness exercising together, choosing the amount of weight they are comfortable with lifting.

BodyPump™ is also available as a Virtual Class.

Visit our full timetable to see when this class takes place and to plan your fitness activities throughout the week.

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You can also book over the phone by contacting the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or St Luke's Sports Centre on 01392 724940.