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Half the price is twice as nice!

Ollie & Mark training together in the Russel Seal Fitness Centre

Half the price is twice as nice!

Engines with twin-turbochargers increase air and fuel intake by nearly twice as much as the same engine would without a turbocharger. Because of this, twin-turbocharged engines boast incredible performance that leaves other cars with one turbocharger in a cloud of dust behind them.

In the same way, having just one other person along with you on your fitness and exercise journey can ‘super-charge’ the process and give you more focus, staying power and, ultimately, gains.

In recognition of this (and in response to the challenges which people are facing with the current Cost of Living Crisis), Exeter University Sport have added a Joint Membership option to their Summer Membership: where two designated people can share the benefits and cost of a membership. 

This means that two members can train together, cheer each other on, join a team together etc but at, essentially, half the cost the would’ve previously had to pay.

And you can get creative and competitive with it too! It’s amazing what a difference that healthy competition can make. Whether it pushes you that 5% further to lift a heavy weight, helps you to swim that couple of seconds faster or pushes you to add an extra mile to your run when everything else is telling you to stop and go eat that half-finished pizza from the weekend in the fridge.

So, who is your ‘twin-turbo’ partner? Maybe it’s time your worked that out and got in touch with Exeter University Sport. 

To find out about the range of physical health facilities, teams and opportunities which Exeter University Sport offers, visit to find out more.

Date: 31 May 2022