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Pride Ride with Tracey

Fitness: A Social Network

There is a famous African proverb which states that, “If you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go alone.”

Clearly, in the world of sport and fitness, there are many cases where speed is paramount and trying to be the fastest is essentially the aim (or one of the primary aims) of the sporting activity.

However, one of the biggest challenges and barriers to ongoing training and consistent exercise is motivation. And one of the key things which motivates people to stay committed to a routine beyond the initial honeymoon period is other people!

We all need someone to bang down our door at 6am when we’ve snoozed our alarm one-too-many times before our agreed morning run. Or someone to scream words of encouragement at us and spur us on when we feel like we’ve got no ‘gas left in the tank’. Or even someone to give us some tough love or banter when we keep cancelling on plans to exercise together.

From personal experience we’ve found that, over time, this is a major factor in how sustainable and successful an exercise regime (and the benefits of that exercise) can be.

Moreover, some of the most needed moments of connection with other people can happen whilst exercising. You are sharing an experience and often a common goal together and there is definitely something about the process of going through physical challenge and exertion with someone that breaks down some of the barriers that can exist in life between people. 

Once those barriers are down, deeper connections can be made and, ultimately, greater results can be achieved – both relationally and in terms of fitness.

So, why not give some thought to arranging a weekly swim or game of tennis with a friend? Or bite the bullet and enquire about joining a team in a sport you enjoy. 

Pushing through that initial fear and awkwardness will (probably) be one of the best decisions you make this year.

To find out about the range of physical health facilities, teams and opportunities which Exeter University Sport offers, visit to find out more.

Date: 6 April 2022