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Your Questions: Our Answers

We get lots of questions and feedback and we thank you all for your comments - it helps us get things right! Below are the latest questions / feedback and our responses / solutions. We can't provide an immediate solution to every feedback but rest assured we do read them all. Please also see the specific page for the FAQ's regarding bookings for the Outdoor Pool.

Please use the below FAQ's as a guide to questions you may have. Please email us at if you have any different questions or feedback.

Response: We are currently planning to reopen some facilities on a phased plan from Monday 13 June. We will communicate when activities will be available - please remember we will continue to request all bookings are made online where possible and that the receptions are cashless, they only accept electronic payments. The Sports Hall at the Sports Park is currently a testing facility and we will then need to assess any damage to the floor before we reopen it for bookings – we don’t have a timescale on this at the moment. 

Solution: We are currently planning to reopen some facilities on a phased plan from Monday 13 June. Keep an eye on this web page and our Covid page for the latest information.

Response: We are phasing back in the Facial Recognition Access Control System at the Sports Park over the next few weeks. It is really simple and easy to use, all we need to do is take a profile photo and when you sign in to an activity at the reception or the Kiosk the barriers will open for you.

Solution: Please ask the reception team to set you up on the FR system (if you have not done so already), either on the way in or as you exit - it only takes a few minutes. 

Response: Unfortunately not yet within the Sports Park. Please continue to attend gym ready and shower / change at home – thank you! The guidelines for the industry are that changing room use should be minimised as are areas of higher risk. We review our operating model each week and in response to the latest guidelines. We are planning a phased re-opening with minimal numbers in the changing rooms.

The changing facilities within the Outdoor Pool are open and available.

Solution: Please continue to attend gym-ready and shower and change elsewhere.

Response: We can’t confirm a date at this stage. We are currently working on a reopening plan for when the facilities are available again. We will reopen the site as soon as it is operationally safe to do so and be in contact with regular users and the Swim School.

Solution: We will reopen the site as soon as it is safe to do so and communicate in advance.

Response: We are required to clean and complete safety checks throughout the day. These small gaps allow the staff to complete these necessary tasks safely and ensure your safety within the facility. It also minimises social distancing pressure with the next session attendees waiting to enter. We are reviewing the use of book ahead sessions in relation to the latest industty guidelines.

Solution: Unfortunately, these are necessary to ensure we complete our cleaning and safety checks.

Response:  We are working to ensure we operate in a covid-secure manner for the safety of our customers, staff and the University community. We have reviewed customer feedback, the access process (how quickly we can get you through reception at the start of each session) and how effectively we can manage the numbers in the facility as well as clean between each session. We have further increased the capacity and will monitor how this works, please continue to follow all measurers and social distancing so we can provide a covid-secure facility

Solution: We have further increased the capacity and will monitor how this works. It is essential that you all continue to follow social distancing and covid-secure measures to help us provide a covid-secure facility.

Response: The prime function of the lifeguards at the Outdoor Pool is to monitor the pool area, therefore they are not always available to answer the phone. Sometimes we re-route the phone to the Sports Park reception who will do their best to assist you. 

Solution: Please reserve your pool sessions online, if you experience problems please call the Sports Park on 01392724452 or email who will be able to assist.

Response: We are working through our operational plans to reopen St Luke's Sports Centre and tto restart the Swim School. We will be in contact with Swimmers as soon as possible to confirm a restart and your lessons. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Solution: Please keep an eye on your emails and the Covid-webpage for the latest information.

Response: As a student member you received an email on Monday 24 May 2021 with links to the pricing for the 2021/2022 year and a link to the online membership sign-up page. Don't miss out on these fantastic offers!

Solution: Sign-up now online or call the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or call in for a chat!

Response: We have implemented significant changes including: One-way system, access control, limiting numbers, installed hand sanitisers everywhere, reception screens, cleaning bottles for customer use, limiting numbers in specific sections in the gym, limited use of facilities to bubbles / groups / elite sport, staff covid testing, wearing masks, closing changing rooms, planning footfall and pre-booked sessions. There have been significant changes to our operating models and Risk Assessments and will continue to monitor how effective these changes are (and how limiting they are) in response to Government guidelines.

Solution: There have been significant changes to our operating models and Risk Assessments and will continue to monitor how effective these changes are (and how limiting they are) in response to Government guidelines.

Response: The guidelines were for track and trace and pre-book sessions, we can’t control what other gyms do. We are managing our large sporting and University estate under strict Covid-secure measures for the safety of our University Community and Public members. By having pre-booked sessions members will be able to see online the availability and book to guarantee a space and arrive / leave safely at the set times. If we don’t have these pre-booked sessions there will be a very real risk of large numbers waiting outside to enter the gym and we will have to disappoint members by sending you away as the gym is full.

Solution: Please continue to work with us to provide our sporting facilities under covid-secure operational guidelines. We will respond and react to the latest guidelines as they are announced.

Response: We usually ask for 24 hours’ notice to cancel a pre-booked gym session. What we don’t want is for you to take the place of a customer who can attend the sessions. It would be appreciated if you could give us as much notice as possible. We understand that things change (you may be asked to isolate / meetings etc) so can be flexible with good reasons, but please be respectful of other members.

Solution: Please give us as much notice as possible and respect other members who may be able to attend the booked slot

Response: Students with membership at the time of the lockdowns (November and Jan to April) will recieve a refund through the University Finance Office using the bank details in your student portal. We have communicated via your member e-newsletters how and when this will be processed. With regard to the remainder of the term we are following the University policy and as we are open this term we are not currently refunding for this period. Should this policy change we will communicate to our student members.

Solution: We are open and following University policies, please keep an eye on your student member communications.

Response: Our approved operational measures have been implemented to keep you and our staff and the University Community as safe as possible. We will not tolerate any abuses of these regulations as the consequences could be that we are not able to operate - preventing customers from using the facilities. Where we are aware of specific members not following regulations we will suspend memberships. Please book sessions in advance, only attend booked days and times, do not allow anyone else to access the facilities using your membership, do not sign anyone else in to the gym, always wear a mask until you enter the gym upstairs, follow the one-way signs and follow the social distancing measures in place. Failure to adhere to the basic principles will result in being asked to leave the facilities and / or membership suspension.

Solution: Please follow the covid-secure operational measures in place - for your safety.

Response: We are restarting our non-attendance communications from Monday 10 May. We will be reviewing each and every session and communicating to members who don’t turn up for pre-booked sessions. There will be an initial reminder to attend booked sessions, then a second warning that if three sessions in a week are not attended then we will suspend membership for 1 week.

Solution: We will be restarting our non-attendance mitigation plan from Monday 10 May 2021.

Response: Apologies - This was a software glitch that we had not experienced previously and not aware of until you experienced problems – our software partners and ExeterIT have resolved this now but if you continue to experience probems please call the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or email and we will make them for you.

Solution: Resolved!

Response: We are working with our software suppliers as we have had reports from customers that some of you are being asked to re-register even though you had a profile. There seems to have been an issue affecting non-@exeter accounts where your profile has been deleted from the system which is why you are being asked to re-register. Please re-register and let us know if you have any problems. Our software supplier and ExeterIT are looking in to the matter. If you are having problems registering online it might be linked to the on-going software glitch with registration emails – if that is the case please follow the guidelines in the that question section.

Solution: The advice from our software supplier is to register again, this won’t cause a problem and if you have an issue with the activation email please get in touch.

Response: We are carefully managing the memberships and numbers in the facility, whilst it is great that the demand for the outdoor pool is high we appreciate this is causing pressures for booking availability. We can’t increase the capacities as we are following the Covid-secure operational guidelines, we await the next update and will adapt as necessary. We are reviewing the timetable and will be making changes to increase the capacity as well as reviewing the options to add extra sessions in the evening. With the weather and light improving in the evenings it gives us the opportunity to open a bit later.

Solution: Look out for changes to the timetable coming soon, we will be creating more spaces for customers. The new timetables will be available online and on our social media.

Response: This depends on what the announcement is and what the guidelines for the industry are. We also need to consider the on-going safety of the University community and the operations across a large sporting and University estate. We will also need to consider what limitations there are on our maximum capacities and how we best manage access to our facilities.

Solution: We will await the guidelines, but safety is priority.

Response: We appreciate it is difficult at the moment, but there are sessions available every day. We are reviewing the timetable to add extra capacity and new sessions / amend the timetable. We understand there may be limited times that you can attend, but we are doing what we can under the covid-secure guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and members. If you are having problems booking slots please emails

Solution: We are reviewing the timetable to add extra capacity and new sessions / amend the timetable. If you are having problems booking slots please email Please check our website and social media for the latest timetables.