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COVID-19 Update


Physically distancing but socially together


Thanks for your patience during this difficult time. Hopefully you've been part of our online community benefiting from classes and advice of our team and access to other great content. We can't wait to welcome you back to the facilities!


General FAQs

 We fully understand how much the facilities being closed has affected your training and lifestyle therefore we are very busy behind the scenes working on our reopening plans to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our customers and staff. 

 We are very excited about these plans and what we can offer in the coming months, please keep an eye on the website where we will be posting updates, in the meantime please take a look at some FAQs below, some great news stories that have occurred over lockdown in our student page and some initial exciting news regarding our membership offer for staff and public. Keep a look out for our Members, Tennis, Swim School and Student Sport E-newsletters with more specific information.

 Although there has been some challenging times we are enthusiastic about what the future will hold. 



 When are you going to reopen? 

 Following the recent Government advice on the 23rd June we are still unable to provide an exact opening date. We are eagerly awaiting the next update regarding the Leisure Industry. Safety is priority and we are sure you appreciate that we will take the neccessary time to get this right for you.


Is the Outdoor Pool open?

Unfortunately, not at the moment, though with the weather we have had since the lockdown the Pool would have been amazing! We are working hard to get the pool ready should we have the opportunity to open this summer. We will announce information on this website and via social media


What has happened to my membership? 

 All memberships have been suspended from when we closed to customers on the 17th March. Please go to the membership section for more information 


What has happened to my swimming DD payment? 

 All swimming DD payments were suspended from 24th March by our DD partner (Harlands). This date will be taken into consideration when we restart payments to ensure no swimmers will miss out. Please visit the swim section for further information.  


How can I carry on with some home activity provided by you? 

 Please join our Health and Fitness group on facebook where there is lots of home exercises and classes that you can do https://www.facebook.com/groups/503479397209559/. 


What measures will be in place when you reopen? 

 We are working on these measures, they will be based on the latest advice from the Government, NGBs, Public Health England and following University of Exeter processes. We will be making further announcements on this over the coming weeks. We can work together to provide a safe environment for both our customers and our staff. 


What will happen to competitive sport? 

 This will depend on Government advice and when sporting leagues allow fixtures to return. Please visit the Student Sport section for more information. 


How will you keep the facility clean? 

 We will be purchasing additional cleaning products and enhancing our cleaning regimes to ensure the facility is clean for all. As customers you also have a part to play to help maintain safe environments for you and our staff, working together we can make this happen. 


How will you contact me about reopening? 

 We will be sending out emails at regular intervals to all our customers, if you are unsure if we have the correct email address please contact the Sports Admin Team. We will also be posting updates on this site. 


What will be the timeline for reopening? 

  08/06/20 - First walk through of Sports Park facilities undertaken to map out what the facility could look like taking into account social distancing

16/06/20 - Site visit to start preparing the setup of the facility for reopening

23/06/20 – Site visit to plan customer flow around all facilities and review gym plans

Late June- Initial plans submitted for approval to the University Safety Team

04/07/20- Government advice announced.

Early July– Reopening date announced and regular updates regarding the look and feel of the facility.

*all dates and timelines are Government and University pending


Customer Survey

Thank you to all who recently completed the customer survey, please see the PDF below for some key areas that we will be taking into account for our reopening plans.


 We are very carefully planning how we can reopen with customer and staff safety as priority, there may be some changes to how we operate and how you will interact with the facilities - but this will all be explained in due course. We have had several site visits to plan customer flow around the facilities and review the gym provision, as well as planning staffing needs and reviewing our online content.

Look out for member surveys which will help us plan our reopening, your feedback is essential to ensure our plans are relevant to you. Thank you to those of you who completed the recent quick survey (part of a National Gym users survey), which broadly showed that you want to come back to the gym and how you miss the environment and the motivation of staff. You don't have to wait for official survey's though, if you have any questions or ideas we would love to hear them, please contact our Sports Admin team. 


 Member updates

 We send regular e-newsletters via our communication portal to our members, so it is essential we have the correct email for you. If you are not receiving them please let our Sports Admin Team know and we'll get this sorted for you.

All Members email 22 May 2020

 All Members E-Newsletter 24 June 2020


Student Membership

 Don't worry if you had full year membership as your missing Term 3 element will be rolled over to Term 1 next academic year. We are also planning a great full year offer including your roll-over as a thank you for being a member this year. If you are not studying in Exeter next academic year (graduating / placement away from Exeter) please contact the Sports Admin Team to discuss your options. This is your gym, your space.

 We are also reviewing our bolt-on options for next year to ensure you receive the best value for your membership options. Please keep any eye out for our Sports Members enewsletters which will have the latest information and updates for you.


 Staff Membership

 All monthly payments have been frozen for you (DD and Salary) so you don't need to do anything, we'll be in contact soon about our plans to restart payments but please be reassured you will be informed about any changes. For clarification our DD partner (Harlands) froze all payments from the 24 March, we will plan any payment restart with that date in mind so don't worry you won't miss out. We know there will be some staff members who may wish to review their memberships when we reopen which is completely understandable, please direct any queries to the Sports Admin Team. We can be flexible with regard to restarting your payments for staff who are working away from Exeter for an extended period or are shielding, please just drop us an email to discuss.


 If you paid your membership upfront we will be looking to extend the length of your membership by the same period that you miss out on.  

 We are also reviewing membership options and bolt-ons to ensure you continue to get the best value from your membership. Last summer we made the first major changes to the membership structure in over 15 years and whilst the feedback has been mostly positive we want to make sure we get it right. Please keep any eye out for our Sports Members enewsletters which will have the latest information and updates for you. 


 Community Membership

 All monthly payments have been frozen by our DD partner (Harlands) so just a reminder that you don't need to do anything - we have everything covered for you. Our DD partner froze all payments from the 24 March and we will obviously take that date into consideration when we restart payments so no-one will miss out. Please don't cancel your DD as this will cause difficulties when we reopen.  

 If you paid your membership upfront we will be looking to extend the length of your membership by the same period that you miss out on. 

 We are also reviewing membership options and bolt-ons to ensure you continue to get the best value from your membership. Last summer we made the first major changes to the membership structure in over 15 years and whilst the feedback has been mostly positive we want to make sure we get it right. Please keep any eye out for our Sports Members enewsletters which will have the latest information and updates for you. 

 If you have any questions on this please email the Sports Admin Team

Tennis Courses

We can't wait to welcome you all back to the facilities and to our coaching programmes! Our courts are eerily standing empty, we need you all to bring them back to life. We are working hard to ensure that our facilities are approved as Covid-safe, which will mean some changes to how we operate and how you interact with us but working together we can continue to create a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Our plans include bookings systems, access control, customer foot-flow, equipment, reception set-up, coaching course numbers, coaching plans and much more. Please keep an eye out for our Tennis Customers emails - it is important that we have an up-to-date email for all our customers, if you haven't received anything from us please contact the Sports Admin Team who can help. 



 Tennis enewsletter 22 May 2020

 Tennis E-Newsletter 24 June 2020


Players on the Spring Term Coaching Programme

It's a shame that we couldn't finish the last 2 weeks of the programme, but don't worry we'll ensure that you don't miss out. We are planning the Autumn Term Programme with a view to offering you a great price taking into consideration the missing two weeks. If you are unable to attend the Autumn Tennis Programme please let the Sports Admin Team know who can look into a refund for the missed weeks. The coaches worked hard to produce players reports so you can see your progress and we will be in contact soon about appropriate levels and lessons for the Autumn Coaching.  

It will be great to see you all again soon, as soon as we have a plan for Autumn, we'll let you know.  

Thank you for being part of the Tennis Coaching Programme and your continued patience whilst we plan for reopening. If you have any questions about the Coaching Programmes or your payments please contact the Sports Admin Team. 

Easter Children's Coaching and Summer Term Tennis Programme

The reception team worked tirelessly to contact all booked customers and explain that we were unfortunately not able to offer the sessions and courses and offer a refund. If you feel you have been missed please let the Sports Admin team know and we will get this resolved for you as soon as possible. 

Tennis Courts

Whilst it would be great to invite you back to play tennis on the courts (inside and outside) we can't open any facilities until they are all approved to reopen by the relevant authorities. We are working very hard  on our plans and hope to announce soon when the courts are open for bookings. We eagerly await the Government guidance for the Leisure Industry which will help shape our plans. Hopefully you can make use of some of the community courts that are open, available and free to use and please have a go at some of the challenges our coaches have been added to our online content! 

Swim School

Thank you for being part of the Swim School at St Luke's Sports Centre and your patience during these challenging times.  

General Information 

We are working with Government, Industry, Swim England and University guidelines with regards to safe operation of both a swimming pool and a Swim School. We will not open any facilities until all buildings are approved to reopen and we can implement all necessary changes to ensure your safety. We are excited to welcome you back to the Swim School soon but please be assured that the safety of our customers and staff is essential and we will not reopen until we can provide a safe environment. 

We don't know exactly what the social distancing measures will mean for the lessons at this stage, or indeed for parents on pool-side. We are doing everything we can to continue to offer a great value Swim School to as many swimmers as possible, we will keep you updated as much as we can. Please check these pages for the latest information as well as the Swim School e-newsletter - if you have not received any of these please get in contact with the Sports Admin Team who will be happy to help. 

Our Indoor Pool remains eerily silent and we can't wait to see you all swimming and bringing the facility to life. 

Payment Information 

To reassure you all that our DD partner (Harlands) were able to freeze all payments from the 24 March, this was a complicated process and we worked quickly together to ensure the entire process could be actioned. The process can be reversed easily to restart payments, meaning that we don't need to trouble you for any information. We will obviously take into consideration the date of the freeze (24 March)  to ensure that you don't miss out, it may be a little bumpy as we restart but we're sure that if we work together we will get there.  

Please don't cancel your DD with your bank or Harlands, when we restart payments you may be in default and incur charges plus we will then have to set you up again. 

1 to 1 lessons and Intensives

For those of you not on our continuous programmes who were on 10 week blocks or 1-to-1 / 2-to-1 lessons we will work through the bookings and seek to rebook you onto slots when we reopen - so you won't miss out. You may receive an automated email from the Swim School system as the dates pass your original end-date, this may say that we are sorry you are leaving, whilst this is a great automatic function it is a little confusing at the moment! Please ignore these as we know who is / was booked on the sessions and we will be in touch soon. 

Pool Information 

Whilst there has been some information about swimming pools in the media, we will not be opening any facilities until the buildings are approved to reopen and we can implement all our planned safety measures. Your safety is our priority and we are sure you appreciate that we will take the necessary time to get this right for you. Our Outdoor Pool would have been incredible with the weather we have had since the lockdown! The team that have been maintaining the pool have been so tempted to have a splash but have been well behaved! We don't know if we will be able to open at all this summer at this stage, we'll keep our fingers crossed that both the guidelines and the weather allow us to.


 Swim School enewsletter 22 May 2020

Swim school E-Newsletter 24 June 2020


Student Sport

We are busy preparing and are very much looking forward to welcoming you back into our facilities and programmes as soon as feasibly possible but the safety and well-being of our students and staff has to be at the forefront of our minds and we are carefully planning our approach to reopening. Whilst at this time we are unable to confirm an official start date for our sporting programmes, we wanted to share with you what we are working on*:

  • Planning a safe approach to reopening facilities in line with Government recommendations and social distancing guidelines, working with the industry body UK Active to ensure we consider all areas and deliver best practise.
  • Reviewing our student sports club and performance squad timetable and numbers, considering social distancing and the cleaning of the equipment and spaces between sessions.
  • Working closely with BUCS and NGB’s to understand what a return to play will mean in each sport. It is expected that the main BUCS leagues will not start until January with some competition possible in Term 1. However, this is evolving all the time and we will of course keep you updated as information is made available.
  • To clarify there will be no pre-season training commencing before the start of term, the only exception being where any teams are to return to weekend domestic competition in early September. We will confirm this in due course.

We understand you may still have questions, so please do send these over to us so we can respond fully; auadmin@exeter.ac.uk or sportsperformance@exeter.ac.uk

Through this challenging period it has been great to see all the innovative ways our clubs, teams, members and student athletes have remained physically distanced yet stayed socially connected. Check out what some of them have been up to in our latest news story!

We know you are all eager to get back, as are we and we thank you for your continued understanding and patience. We look forward to seeing you again in the very near future. Stay safe, stay healthy and look after yourselves and each other.

Student Sport Update for full details.

Please see here for a BUCS UPDATE