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Student Sport

‘Without these boats I would be unable to play polo and I’ve found it to be so important in my first year at university’

Harvey Saunders 1st year 

New Canoe Boats for UoE supported by the Alumni Annual Fund 

The Alumni Annual Fund Scheme

What is the Annual Fund?

The Alumni Annual fund is funded by thousands of alumni and supporters of the University and aims to enhance the student experience at University of Exeter. It is a funding source for students and staff to apply to bi annually to support projects that will benefit the student body.

If you are an alumni or would like to make a donation to support the annual fund please click here 


Applications now open!

To apply

  • Please complete the application form in as much detail as possible before Sunday 20th March 2022.
  • We highly recommend you contact a member of the annual fund panel prior to submitting you application form to gain feedback on your application and give you the best chance of being successful with your funding bid.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the panel and you will be contacted and you will be contacted regarding the opportunity to pitch your idea to the panel after the closing date for applications.

 What we are looking for...

  • New and exciting projects that will enhance the student experience
  • Something where this funding will make a difference and allow a project to be delivered that otherwise couldn't happen
  • A well researched application which shows the individual has communicated with relevant staff in that area to explore practicalities of the project


Sports Office Annual Fund panel

  • Charlotte Hale (Chair)-High Performance Manager (Sport) 
  • Natalie Swain-Alumi Engagement Officer (Sport) 
  • Katy Dalglish-AU 
  • Andrew Fry- Business Systems 
  • Stephen Brown-Sports Development 
  • Duncan Norris-Operations 
  • Nicky Savill-High Performance Coordinator (Sport) 

Sport projects funded by the Annual Fund from 2019-2020 

  • The Good Lad Initiative-the Good Lad Initiative promotes positive masculinity to young men. Their workshops focus on a range of important topics such as sexual harassment and equal gender relationships, mental health, peer pressure & bystander intervention.
  • Cycling Participation Booster-this involved the purchase of a small fleet of bikes to be used by Cycling Club members. Cycling is an expensive sport and the provision of club road bikes boosts inclusivity amongst the membership. By offering more bikes, the Club also hoped to boost female participation and promote a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as improving student mental health through exercise and exploring the Devon countryside..
  • Trampolining Mat Replacements-a grant allowed the Trampolining Club to replace three crash mats and several roll out mats, to enable their members to practice and attempt new skills in a safe manner.
  • University Triathlon/Swimming Funds-funding to allow the Triathlon and Swimming clubs to train at the Olympic sized pool in Mount Kelly, and to improve the starting blocks at the St Luke’s swimming pool.
  • New Tables for the Table Tennis Club-the funding was used to buy three new tables; one for St Luke's and two for Streatham, to increase participation in Table Tennis.
  • Female Inclusivity for Clay Pigeon Shooting-a grant to fund the purchase of a new lightweight, short barrelled gun to benefit the growing female membership of the Clay Pigeon Shooting team, who came second in the BUCS Clay Pigeon Competition in December 2019.
  • New Fireflies for Sailing Club-a grant from the Alumni Annual Fund, alongside income raised from crowdfunding, boat sales and AU investment, allowed the Sailing Club to replace six of their oldest boats with new Fireflies.
  • New Rifle for Rifle Club-funding to replace an ageing smallbore rife for the Rifle Club.
  • South-West Surf Varsity 2020-the Alumni Annual Fund supported the first ever South-West Surf Varsity between Exeter, Plymouth and Falmouth universities, held in Newquay in March 2020.
  • Committee Training-specific training workshops for the committees of sports teams, to help improve the smooth running of teams and personal development.

 To see what other projects have been supported across the University and in previous years please click here


Thank you for your interest in the Annual Fund at the University of Exeter. We look forward to recieveing your application and hearing about your ideas for new projects!

Beyond Equality Workshop 2019/20