History of Exeter Sport
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If you wish to search the archive of colours and awards you can download the Awards and Colours Spreadsheet 2019.  To search within the spreadsheet use Ctrl F.

Colours and awards

We are proud to honour the sporting achievements of all of our students and alumni. Their successes are testament to our proud tradition for sporting excellence.

The following sports awards are conferred by the University of Exeter:

University Colours are awarded to students who have gained full or under-21 international representation (where such representation is formally recognised by the NGB as part of their international athlete development pathway) or British Students representation, while regularly representing the University at the highest level and performing with unusual distinction.

Club Colours are awarded for exceptional achievement within a sport, including national student representation or other representative honours. Outstanding performance for the University of Exeter in inter-university competition shall be given particular weight.

A Club Award may be awarded to a member who has given outstanding service and commitment to the Club. Whether this be as a member of the committee, a student coach or a volunteer who goes above and beyond to serve the club. Administrative contribution, leadership roles, playing service, coaching, dedication and loyalty are all terms that are associated with this individual.

Recognising achievement

Exeter has a history of excellence in sport. We are currently compiling a database of all of our University Colours winners. You can search through of all of our University Colours winners dating back as far as 1947 using the database below. There are a few gaps in our records so if you have any information that you think may be of use to us, please do let us know.

Award winners are presented with a certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor and Athletic Union President, as well as an exclusive University of Exeter Sport tie (for males) or silk scarf (for females). If your certificate has seen better days or your tie or scarf is looking a little threadbare you may re-order these items anytime. We ask that you consider making a suggested donation of £15 for each item to cover the costs of reproduction and postage.

For further information contact us at SportsAlumni@exeter.ac.uk

View all the awards since 1947

We have a record of all awards since the 1940s.  You can view and download the awards and colours spreadsheet - to search within the spreadsheet use Ctrl F.