Core High Performance Staff

Charlotte Hale High Performance Manager - Scholarships, Lifestyle and Support services 
Nicky Savill High Performance Co-ordinator
James Fleming Sport Scholarship Recruitment Officer

PJ Dundass Sports Science Support Officer (GBP)

Directors and Head of Performance Sports

Chris McInroy Director of Hockey

Keith Fleming

Director of Rugby
Richard Tinkler Director of Rowing
Denise Ellis Head of Netball
Jo Yapp Head of Women's Rugby

High Performance Coaches

Simon Tyson Performance Coach (Men’s Hockey)
Anne Baker Performance Coach (Women's Hockey)  
Jack Bradbury Assistant Performance Coach (Cricket)
Storm Trentham Performance Coach (Women's Lacrosse)  
Salli Byrne Performance Coach (Netball)  
Nicky Savill
Assistant Performance Coach (Netball) 
Jack Large Performance Coach (Tennis)
Darren Everett Head Coach (Golf)
Alan Pope Performance Coach (Strength & Conditioning)
Lee Kirk Performance Coach (Strength & Conditioning)
Wayne Pattinson Performance Coach (Strength & Conditioning)

High Performance Placement Students

Harvey Padget Placement Student (Performance Analysis)