Additional Qualifications

Healthy Movement & Exercise For Mini’s

This workshop introduces us to children’s natural movements. From infants upwards, how do children move and how do they like to move and play? The course equips coaches with ideas as to how to build this into a fun tennis/ fitness class.

Children are natural Yogis. Watch children at play and you’ll see them spontaneously strike poses that happen to be traditional yoga poses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of the benefits of Yoga inspired movements for children
  • Learn how to introduce these poses
  • Learn how to structure a Kiddie Yogi Tennis session

Yogi Tennis

All Tennis and sports professionals are raving about Yoga, but why? In this workshop we take a look at information on common tennis injuries and what causes them and outline simple pilates and yoga based exercises that would help to counter these injuries whilst rehabilitating old ones. The course is made VERY relevant to tennis coaches and is predominantly practical. Coaches would be able to implement these simple exercises and stretches into tennis programmes and will have gained an understanding of injury prevention and also what is appropriate and when in terms of strength building.

Delivering Quality Cardio Tennis

If you feel you’re in need of more ideas to freshen up your Cardio Tennis classes then this is the course for you.

We look at Cardio Tennis as its intended- a group exercise class and not a coaching session.

Coaches will be equipped with ideas as to how to challenge all participants appropriately, from the super fit to the absolute beginner. All participants should feel included in this class and this CPD will help you on your way in both improving your fitness knowledge and creating the right environment. This is a chance to develop outside of your comfort zone and spice up your coaching timetable.

Disability Awareness

The Disability Awareness Course covers the key information and skills required to be a coach who can deliver tennis sessions to all.

The course will inform coaches of the specific impairment groups (Wheelchair, Visually Impaired, Deaf and Learning Disabilities), the implications for working with these impairment groups individually and in integrated sessions, and how to deliver sessions accordingly. Practical elements include participation in ‘disability simulation’ to allow coaches to experience the challenges faced by people with disabilities, followed by an opportunity to coach individuals.

The Disability Awareness Course is designed to develop coaches’:

  • Knowledge of specific impairment groups and the practical implications for coaches
  • Understanding of how disabled people can be integrated into tennis
  • Understanding of the impact of coaching behaviour when working with disabled players 
  • Attitude to inclusive coaching