Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about our swimming lessons.

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You will need to see reception to enquire initially about lessons. We will do our best to find a space that suits you, however we cannot guarantee that there will be spaces in all stages at all times.

We are no longer operating a waiting list. The reason behind this is to clear up the current waiting list, with a long term goal of being able to accommodate people with a space immediately upon their initial request.

Upon initial enrolment all children will be entitled to their first session for free. This is to ensure that our lessons are right for you and your child, and that we have put your child into the correct stage for their age and ability.

Following your trial session, if you choose to continue on lessons with us then please see reception. They will provide you with a membership form and direct debit form to complete. Lessons are £22 per month.

No. The minimum payment term is one month. You are free to cancel your direct debit at any time by contacting Harlands. For T&Cs on this please see the back of your direct debit form.

Please see reception or the pool co-ordinator at any time if you wish to find an alternative lesson time. Where we cannot accommodate you we will be happy to put you on the movement list.

Yes. Lessons run through all school holidays apart from a break over the Christmas period. Lessons will take place on Bank Holidays, unless otherwise informed.

The Amateur Swimming Association pupil:teacher guidelines are 12:1 for beginners, 20:1 for improvers/advanced and 30:1 for coached sessions. Our classes are well below this:

  • Ducklings classes maximum of 6
  • Stage 1/2 classes maximum of 6
  • Stage 3 classes maximum of 6
  • Stage 4-5 classes maximum of 7
  • Stage 6-10 classes maximum of 8

We endeavour to provide an Assistant Teacher in addition to the lead teacher with all of our Ducklings, stage 1, 2 and 3 classes. Where an assistant is provided this is in addition to the minimum provision and cannot always be guaranteed, however numbers will always be within ASA guidelines.


We operate a continuous assessment process, so as soon as children are ready to move up to the next stage they can. A lot of repetition needs to be involved in learning to swim in order to reinforce skills. Children that have been in a class for longer may well be used to demonstrate skills to newer children which will boost their confidence as well.