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International Sport Month

30 Days of Sport

International Sport Month is back, providing students from across the University with a chance to engage in all aspects of sport, health and wellbeing, as participants or spectators.

This year there's a slight twist, International Sport Month has rebranded to 30 Days of Sport! The initiative now takes into consideration 30 separate events throughout the whole year including taster sessions, varsities and tournaments. See the table below for this month's events.

For further information on any of these events or to book a space, please contact the Athletic Union on 01392 723573 or email

14/11/2014 AU Olympics Sports Hall 18:30-21:00 £2 per person

Then we have the AU Olympics on the 14th of November, starting at 630pm. Each team that enters will compete in 9 events, as their favourite country, to see who is champion of the AU! If you would like to enter, please email Chris Churcher on and include which country you’d like to be!

23/11/2014 Mo-Sista Varsity Covered Courts 10:30-15:00 £70 per team


A specifically female event, teams enter to compete against each other in football, touch rugby, netball and dodgeball all for the Movember Charity. We're taking entries for teams at the moment and its £70 to enter, please email if you want to enter! The deadline for entries is 14/11/14.

26/11/2014 Boxing Varsity The Lemon Grove 19:00-onwards £7

Our first Varsity of the year will be the Boxing Varsity on the 26th of November. The Varsity will be at the Lemmy and will start from 7pm; tickets are £7 and are available from the Boxing Club, the Sport Parks Reception or the AU Office