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International Sport Month

30 Days of Sport

International Sport Month is back, providing students from across the University with a chance to engage in all aspects of sport, health and wellbeing, as participants or spectators.

This year there's a slight twist, International Sport Month has rebranded to 30 Days of Sport! The initiative now takes into consideration 30 separate events throughout the whole year including taster sessions, varsities and tournaments. See the table below for this month's events.

For further information on any of these events or to book a space, please contact the Athletic Union on 01392 723573 or email









Cricket Varsity 

12pm- onwards


 On the last Monday of May, EUMCC will be competing in their   annual Cricket Varsity! An enjoyable event for all in the sun, please come   down and join Timepiece, EUMCC and your peers for what should be a great   game.




£10 per team

In third the AU hosts a traditional Dodgeball Tournament. See if you   can dodge, dip, dive, duck or dodge your way to the coveted trophy or sought   after wooden spoons…


Rumspringa Festival



Schools nearly out for Summer and its time to party.


Its time to Rumspringa.


Snowsports, Surf, Windriders, Longboarding, Slacklining, Cycling and   Climbing have come together to form the Extreme Collaboration and provide   that party once again - this is not one to miss boys and girls.


At the beautiful outdoor wonderland of Double Locks, Rumspringa   Festival 2015 will bring you everything and more than you could ever dream or   wish for. Manic mayhem will ensue from start to end, with more weird and   wonderful attractions than The Mad Hatter could shake his stick at.


Touch Duckes Tournament


£150 per team

On Thursday 4th June and Friday 5th June, Duckes Meadow will play host   to the 10th annual ‘Touch Duckes’ tournament. Including both Rugby and   Rounders tournaments.

We will as ever be donating proceeds to charity, and have selected the   Matt Hampson Trust and the RFU Injured Players Foundation to benefit from   this year’s proceeds. To learn more about our chosen charities please visit:


‘Touch Duckes’ is an invitational 2-day touch rugby tournament coupled   with some fantastic après rugger at the premier student nightspot –   Timepiece. This event is all about fun in the sun and the focus is as much on   the spectators and the side-lines as it is on the rugby, with a combination   of free entry for spectators, drinks, food, competitions and live music from   Sam Baker-Doodles, these two days are absolutely unmissable.






23/01/15  UV Volleyball  17:00 - 22:00  TBC  Come along on the 23rd of January to the sports hall to play in a tournament with a twist! We will be hosting a UV light Volleyball tournament! SO… enter your team and dress in your best 80s bright and tight gear! Cost to be confirmed
 14/02/15 Table Tennis Tournament  12:00 - 14:00  TBC  
18/02/15 Rugby Varsity 19:45 kick off £10

We run the Rugby Varsity at Sandy Park on the 18th of February. It’s one of our biggest events which saw around 4500 people show up last time we held it! The match is the final fixture of the Premier South British University’s League where Exeter currently hold 1st place, the top 2 teams from the North and the South qualify for the semi-finals of the competition with the final taking place at Twickenham.

 Exeter University haven’t lost a game at home since 2011 and have won the last 3 Varsity matches versus Bath and so this year’s edition is set to be another fine match! Please come and join us on the 18th of February at 7.45pm at Sandy Park (home of the Exeter Chiefs).

 08/03/15 Grecian Shield  09:00 - 17:00  TBC  The annual Grecian Shield Football tournament is the perfect opportunity to test your 6-a-side football skills. With around 50 teams entering each year in this knockout tournament, many intramural teams take the opportunity to get some extra football in and take on some of there weekly rivals. The tournament is open to any student who wishes to enter a team and everyone is guaranteed a full day of fixtures.
13/03/15 Basketball - Tournament 17:00 - 22:00






14/11/2014 AU Olympics 18:30-21:00 £2 per person

Then we have the AU Olympics on the 14th of November, starting at 630pm. Each team that enters will compete in 9 events, as their favourite country, to see who is champion of the AU! If you would like to enter, please email Chris Churcher on and include which country you’d like to be!

23/11/2014 Mo-Sista Varsity 10:30-15:00 £70 per team


A specifically female event, teams enter to compete against each other in football, touch rugby, netball and dodgeball all for the Movember Charity. We're taking entries for teams at the moment and its £70 to enter, please email if you want to enter! The deadline for entries is 14/11/14.

26/11/2014 Boxing Varsity 19:00-onwards £7

Our first Varsity of the year will be the Boxing Varsity on the 26th of November. The Varsity will be at the Lemmy and will start from 7pm; tickets are £7 and are available from the Boxing Club, the Sport Parks Reception or the AU Office

27/11/2014 American Football - Taster Session 10:00 - 12:00 Free

Taster Sessions American Football Taster Session 27/11/14 The Forum Piazza 10-12 Free! The American Football Club and the Cheerleaders will be down at the Forum Piazza this Thursday for Thanksgiving celebrations to provide a taste of some American sports and culture! This is a free taster session and a great chance to get outside for a break from revising and essay writing! The session will include a quick coaching session for Flag Football then proceed into some fun fixtures and games. Following the taster sessions, festivities will continue in the Kitchen Terrace with a proper Thanksgiving Day meal with all the trimmings (including the best Pumpkin Pie this side of the Atlantic) for the small price of £6!

TBC Boxing Taster    Free

Boxing Taster Session Following the successes of last week’s terrific Boxing Varsity, and a packed-out crowd filling the Lemmy, the Boxing Club have very kindly agreed to run a taster session this week (date and time TBC) for anyone inspired by Richie Goulding and co. Like all our International Sports Month events, this event will be free and an excellent opportunity to try out a new sport and receive some quality coaching. So why not come along and fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

 06/12/14 Golf Taster  10:00 - 12:00 Free

Golf Taster Session On Saturday 6th December the Golf Club will be hosting their International Sports Month taster session for everyone of all abilities and experience. Spread across the forum and the new Golf Centre, it is sure to be a great day with quality coaching available to improve your technique and handicap. Like all our International Sports Month events, this taster session will be free and a perfect opportunity to try out another of the AU’s huge range of sports!