Intramural Hockey

Intramural sport

Intramural sport, or IMS, provides recreational sports leagues designed to encourage participation. IMS is open to all University of Exeter students, staff and alumni, with teams usually entered representing halls, academic subjects, sports clubs, societies or groups of friends. Leagues are recreational so no previous experience is necessary and teams can only have one student who competes for the University first or second team in that sport on the field of play at any one time.

In the past academic year of 2016-2017, Over 4,000 students participated in 9 different sports over 18 weeks of fixtures in term 1 and 2. This has grown tremendously over the last 5 years, since Intramural sport was launched in 2010/11; numbers have risen from 1500 students, helping us to facilitate the best student experience possible.

Intramural updates

This years intramural sports league for term 1&2 registration will be finished by the end of March 2018. League winners will be invited to a league winners presentation evening at Exonian in May. 

Find all the latest league standings here:

Term 1 

SportDateTimeLocationLeague Dates for Term 1Min squad sizeMax squad sizeTeam entry feeMale/female split
Men's 6-a-side Football

Choose one of the following dates: 







Fixtures consisting of 2 x 20 minutes games played between:









Depending on which date chosen:


Rubber Crumb/ Sand Astro/ MUGA

Wednesdays: 11th October - 6th December 2017

Fridays: 13th October - 8th December 2017

Saturdays: 14th October - 9th December 2017

Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017

 6  9 £270  Males only
*Women's 6-a-side Football Saturdays 13:00-15:00 MUGA Saturdays: 14th October - 9th December 2017  6   9  £270 Females only
 *Men's 11-a-side Football Sundays 12:00 and 14:00 Duckes Meadow Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017  11  15  £450 Males only

*Mixed Badminton 

Sundays 18:00-22:00 Streatham Campus, Sports Hall Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017  4  4  £120 2 males & 2 females
*Basketball Sundays 15:00-18:00 Streatham Campus, Sports Hall Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017  5  10  £300 Males only
*Mixed Hockey Sundays 16:00-22:00 Sand and Water Astro Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017  11  15  £450 Min. 5 females
Mixed Netball Sundays 16:00-22:00 Covered Courts Sundays: 15th October - 10th December 2017  7  10  £300 Min. 3 females
*Mixed Touch Rugby Saturdays 13:00-16:00 Rubber Crumb Saturdays: 14th October - 9th December 2017  7  10   £300 Min. 3 females

 *Team entrance or individual intramural membership available to pay through the following AU Sports clubs during freshers week: men’s Football (for 11-a-side football) and women’s Football, Badminton, men’s Basketball, Hockey, and Touch Rugby. Each clubs intramural team entrance or individual intramural membership vary. For more information please contact the AU sports club IMS representatives on the seperate tab or contact 



Term 3 2018 - Registration now live

One space available for term 3 intramural small sided hockey! Enter your team below!

Term 3 Intramural is a smaller recreational sports league for 5 weeks of fixtures. Consisting of a variety of popular sports from Intramural Term's 1 & 2 as well as summer sports including: mixed Rounders, mixed Netball, mixed Touch Rugby, men's 6 a-side Football with an addition of mixed Small Sided Hockey and mixed Dodgeball. Fixtures start first week of May 2018 and are all located at the Streatham Campus Sports Park. This is a perfect opportunity to take a break from studies by getting active in a relaxed, fun and social sporting environment and in turn will help increase well-being during a stressful exam period.

There are a variety of sports on offer that take place on different days and times of the week. Entrance fee varies per sport and covers the following:

  • 4-5 weeks of fixtures
  • Online league management with fixtures, results and up-to-date league standings
  • Referee/umpires (sport depending)
  • Equipment provided

If you do not have a team but would like to participate in the intramural sports league. Please contact, where you will be put into a reserve list of players. Here you will either be invited to play for another team who are low on players or form a new team if there is enough students on this reserve list for this sport.

Team captains to complete an online registration Once completed the team captain will be redirected to make the full team payment through our online booking system. 

1) Complete Registration form, found here :

2) Once completed you will be provided with the online booking website. Follow instruction below once on this online booking page:

Online Booking page:

If you are entering a team to represent an AU club or society and require an invoice, please email once completing your registration form. Teams will only be accepted if both registration form and payment are made within the deadline.

3)      Ensure you are not logged-in to the Online Bookings portal
Select: Courses
Site: Sports Park
Activity: Intra-mural
Start Month: May
Click Search
On the right now find the correct Intra-mural activity and click on the Basket and add to Basket
Click: ‘an anonymous non-member’ to change details
Click: a non-member
Forename: Team captains Full Name
Surname: Team Name (ensure this is the same as on the Registration Form)
Email: Your email (captain)
Contact Number: Your email (captain)
Date of Birth: Your date of birth
Click OK: Follow the payment process as prompted

Contact for more information.

Sport     League dates              WhenMin squad sizeMax squad sizeTeam entry feeMale/female split
Mixed Rounders 8th May- 5th June

Tuesdays 16:00- 22:00 (WATER)

10 15 £150 min. 5 of each 

Mixed Rounders

4th May-1st June 

Fridays 16:00- 22:00
 10 15 £150 min. 5 of each
Mixed Rounders6th May- 3rd June  Sundays 16:00- 22:00
 10  15 £150 min. 5of each

Mixed Netball

 6th May- 3rd June

Sundays 17:00- 20:00
 7 10 £100 min 3 of each
Mixed Touch Rugby5th May-2nd June  Saturdays 14:00-16:00
 7  10 £100 min. 3 of each
 6-a-side Football9th May- 6th June  Wednesdays 15:00-17:00
 6 9 £90 males only
6-a-side Football6th May-3rd June Sundays 18.00-22.00 6 9 £90 males only
Mixed Small Sided Hockey6th May-27th June  Sundays 17:00- 19:00
6  8 £60 min. 3 of each

Mixed Dodgeball6th May-3rd June Sundays 19.00-22.00 6 9 £90 min 2 of each



Team of the Month 2017-2018

The Team of the Month is selected by randomly picking an intamural team who have won over 50% of thier games. The team will win a meal each at the Hole in the Wall who proudly sponsor the Intramural Sports League. 

IMS Representatives 2017-2018 

Men's 11-a-side Football: Jacob John, and Matt King, (Join as a member to the club for training and entrance to the IMS league)

Womens Football: Amy Clegg, (Intramural membership available with training session)

Men's Basketball: TBC contact

Mixed Hockey: Archie Small, and Rosie Cardoe, (Intramural membership available with training session)

Mixed Badminton: Anne Besancon, (Intramural membership available)

Mixed Touch Rugby: Lauren Ross, (Referee co-ordinator)

Looking to find other students to create a team to enter into the intramural sports league?

Download the Find a Player App now to find students to connect with !

Intramural Touch Rugby Membership

Want to participate in intramural mixed touch rugby? Haven’t got a total of 7 players but still want to participate? Why not join the intramural mixed touch rugby club ?

The club caters for all abilities including less experienced and novices. Club members have the opportunity to take part in a variety of competitions, training sessions and social activities. You can pay for mixed touch rugby membership to access this or pay an individual team entrance fee to the club at whom can help co-ordinate you into a team.

Please contact the intramural touch rugby representative, Lauren Ross:

Intramural Badminton Membership

The Badminton club offer a relaxed and friendly club sessions for court time to knock around with friends and for intramural teams to practice. Intramural membership through the club for £50.00 entitles students to receive one training session a week and entrance into the intramural league. If you do not have a team, the club can co-ordinate students into teams so everyone has the opportunity to play badminton at a level that suits them. 

If you are interested please contact Anne Besancon: or Rachel Carr:

  • Attend the club session Wednesday 4 October 10.00-12.00 Sports hall Streatham Campus to pay your membership.
  • Sunday 8 October will be an intramural team allocation session, students need to register their interest before this date.

Further enquires please contact