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Captains packs

At the beginning of the season at BUCS Team Captains training, all team captains will receive a pack to take with them to fixtures. This will be your one-stop shop of everything you need for a BUCS fixture and includes the following: team sheets, BUCS Sport Specific Regulations, Playing Under Protest forms, Player Movement Guidelines and a copy of the training presentation. If you run of any of these forms throughout the year then come into the Student Sport office to get a refill. Captains packs should be returned to the Student Sport office following the conclusion of your last BUCS match of the season.

Team sheets

There are 2 types of team sheets that need to be filled out by captains before a BUCS fixture. The first is an electronic copy that is sent out every Thursday via email with the confirmation of fixtures for the following week. These must be returned to by 12pm on the Tuesday before your fixture.

The second is the team sheet that is provided in your captains pack and is a white sheet with a green carbon copy attached to it. This team sheet must be filled out on the day by the captains of both teams before a fixture with the green carbon copy given to the opposing captain. Student cards should also be checked at this point to ensure that all named players are members of that university. The white team sheet should be retained and stored in the captains pack in case of any dispute with the score or players who competed in the matches

Submitting results

It is a BUCS requirement to input the results of a match online before midday of the next working day. Therefore, please let the BUCS coordinator know your score immediately after completing your match. This can be done by texting the office phone on 07826 876646 or emailing Please ensure that the text is precise and states your sport, your team, your opposition and the score for each team. Some sports may also require more information to be inputted than others e.g. game and match points in Squash so please check that you have sent all the relevant information.

Individual Entries

All affiliations and entries to BUCS Competition (Team & Individual) are fully subsidised by The University of Exeter. Information on all competitions and tournaments that are held throughout the year can be found on the BUCS website and what information you will need to be entered online will be emailed to the club email accounts or team captains throughout the year reminding you of the entry deadline.

If your club or any of your members want to enter competitions please read through the entry information on BUCS and contact the BUCS coordinator in the Student Sport office and then you can enter your players.

When the conditions of your match or competition do not adhere to those outlined in the BUCS General Regulations or Sport Specific Regulations you are entitled to complete a playing under protest form as soon as the issue arises, whether this is at the start of the fixture or during the fixture. Both teams must sign and cannot refuse (please note that the opposition is simply signing to acknowledge that the other team have a grievance and have raised the issue).  Please remember though that if a team advises you of a situation that will affect the type of play before fixture day and you choose to still travel, then you are accepting the conditions as advised and do not have the right to ‘Play Under Protest’.

BUCS rules and regulations

All rules that BUCS competitions abide by can be found on the BUCS website.

These include BUCS General Regulations about league management but also includes Sport Specific Regulations that may differ from other sporting competitions. If you have any questions about a rule either before the day of the fixture or whilst you are at the fixture then feel free to contact the BUCS coordinator who will be able to help with clarification.

As a member of the Atheltic Union you must adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times whilst on BUCS duty both home and away.

If there are multiple teams travelling to the same destination you will likely be organised transport and the details shall be sent to your team captain prior to your fixture. Please ensure that if the team has been allocated transport and they wish to make alternate plans to travel to a fixture then this is communicated with the Student Sport office but may result in travel expenses not being reimbursed. If transports has not been arranged for the team then you have the option of either driving your own car or hiring a vehicle through us. 

Own vehicle - if you drive your own vehicle to a fixture then you will be able to claim back 18p per mile for the first 100 miles and 15p for every mile thereafter. You will also be entitled to a £10 “wear and tear” reimbursement to cover the expense of driving.

Train travel - if you travel to a fixture on the train then the price of a 16-25 railcard (or any railcard that takes 1/3 off train travel) will be reimbursed. The original train ticket/receipt will need to accompany the claim form

To claim

To claim back expenses, please complete the online expense form in the T1 finance system. For infomratoin on how to do this please donwload the guide below: 

To be eligible to drive a hire vehicle you need to be 21 years old or older, have been driving for over 1 year and hold a full clean UK driving license. 

If you meet this criteria you must fill out a driver registration form‌ and provide a copy of your paper and plastic license up at the Student Sport office before hiring a car.

If you do not meet all of the criteria then please contact the Student Sport office to see if we can make provisions to accommodate you.



To book a hire vehicle you need to fill out a vehicle-request-form. 

You must bring the form in to the Student Sport office at least 5 working days prior to your fixture, this is so we have enough time to confirm your vehicle booking. 

When filling out your form you must ensure that all the drivers names are correct and that they have all completed a driver registration form.

Please ensure that all hire vehicles are returned to the Sports Park car park with a full tank of fuel before the hire period ends. Fuel can be reimbursed by the Student Sport office for those who have travelled to a BUCS fixture once an online expense claim has been completed and with the original receipt. For information on how to do this please read the Student-expense-claim-guide

Any club activity off campus must be accompanied by a Trip-registration-form prior to your departure.

On some occasions accommodation can be arranged via the Student Sport office for away games that are a considerable distance away.  However, this is not something you should presume you will get for all weekly fixtures. If you have any queries then please contact us on or pop into the office.

The personal qualities fostered by the SVS will undoubtedly serve volunteers in good stead when seeking employment beyond university. Hours spent coaching/officiating through the scheme will count towards completion of The Exeter Award, which improves a student’s employability. SVS coaching/officiating hours are verifiable activity for the HEAR report, which will be on the students’ graduation certificate and available for potential employers to see. The accumulation of coaching and officiating awards through this scheme will benefit students who are looking for a future in sport, management as well as those looking to do a PGCE.  Students that use their SVS experience to help coach AU clubs are also increasing the club members’ experience, as well as improving their own coaching skills.

As well as receiving all these personal development skills. Individuals involved within the scheme will also receive the following Benefits:


  • £250 towards coaching/officiating qualification
  • Thank You letter signed by the AU President and Chief Executive 
  • Certificate of your achievement 
  • SVS Stash


  • £150 towards coaching/officiating qualification
  • Training sessions 
  • Thank you letter signed by the AU President
  • SVS Stash


  • £80 towards coaching/officiating qualification
  • Thank You letter from AU
  • SVS Stash

The scheme is open to all students (including undergraduate, postgraduate, international, and PGCE students) meaning that anyone can get involved in the scheme. For more information on the sceme please contact Stephen Brown.


This project is funded by the University of Exeter Annual Fund.