KPMG is the title sponsor of the University of Exeter Athletic Union (AU).

The Timepiece holds an Athletic Union (AU) night every Wednesday.

Athletic Union Sponsors

The Athletic Union (AU) has four main sponsors.


At KPMG, we provide Audit, Tax and Advisory services to some of the world’s biggest businesses. And we believe that all business and solutions boil down to one thing: people. So whatever we do, we see people first. And our own people are at the heart of our continued success. There’s no one type of person that succeeds at KPMG. It’s a massively diverse business, welcoming all kinds of personalities and characters, skills sets and, indeed, degree disciplines. If you thrive on responsibility, intellectual challenge, and variety, this could be just the place for you. So what can you look forward to here? Exceptional training. Professional qualifications. Exposure to clients from day one. And tons of ‘real world, real time’ responsibility. It’s a great place to learn and develop your skills. But it’s more than a fast-moving, technology-driven working environment – it’s a community you’ll feel a part of for the rest of your life. And it’s not all work and no play. Whether it’s joining societies and sports teams or enjoying volunteering and secondment opportunities, KPMG is a place where you can really be yourself.

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This is a favourite local haunt for students at Exeter, and are long standing supporters of the Athletic Union.  Every Wednesday night following a hard day of sport on the field or on court, Timepiece holds an Athletic Union night where our sports teams and clubs celebrate victories or, rarely, commiserate losses.  A huge thanks need to go out to George and Rob, joint owners of the club as well as Jamie who takes care of Wednesday nights. Please support Timepiece as their contribution and encouragement to the AU is invaluable.