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University of Exeter Taekwon-Do Club


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Thomas Windows


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University of Exeter Taekwon-Do Club

Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art, an effective form of self-defence, a competitive sport and a method of maintaining all-round fitness. As taught by our instructors, Mr Matt Feld (II Degree) and Mr Shakeshaft (III Degree), our classes teach a balanced combination of patterned forms, sparring techniques and practical self-defence. We grade once a term and compete in national sparring competitions which members can take part in from any level.

Taekwon-do is a brilliant way to improve strength, agility and control through its rigorous physical and mental training and has no restrictions to gender, age or physique. All are welcome and all can learn ‘the way of the hand and foot’ in this ultimate martial art.

So come along and try it for yourself and remember the first session is always free!

Club training times

Tuesday Taekwon-Do Sports Park, Studio 2 20:30-22:00
Thursday Taekwon-Do Sports Park, Studio 2 20:00-22:00

Notable club achievements

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