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University of Exeter Netball Club

Club Captain: India Crawley

High Performance Manager:
Charlotte Hale


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University of Exeter Netball Club

As the largest and most established women’s AU Club at the University of Exeter, EUNC welcomes all standards. The University of Exeter Netball 1st team competes in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) South Premier Division and also the Netball South West Regional League through a partnership with Exeter Netball Club (ENC). With a further five teams competing in BUCS and over 20 University-League teams, every member of the club has the opportunity to play a match, train with coaches, improve on their fitness and attend a social each week.

As the club has seen rapid growth over the last 2 years from 11th in BUCS rankings 2013-2014 to 6th in BUCS rankings 2014-2015, the club objective is to achieve and maintain a top 5 finish in BUCS rankings. Our 1st team target is to achieve a top three finish in the South Premier Division and reach semifinal stages of the championship. Collectively we aim to support the development of individuals to reach their potential so that they leave the University as all round better athletes with a greater tactical and technical awareness.

On top of all this, we have an annual Christmas dinner, tour and End of Season dinner, allowing the club to come together as a whole to celebrate our successes throughout the year.  EUNC is the perfect club for any girl, whether you’re looking for competitive match play or just a chance to play netball and make new friends, EUNC is the club for you.



Club training times


1st Team and HPP training partners


4th, 5th and 6th team

Sports Park (Sports Hall/ADC)

Sports Park (Sports Hall)

Sports Park (Covered courts)




Tuesday 2nd and 3rd team Sports Park (Sports Hall) 18:00-20:00
Wednesday University League Sports Park (Covered courts) 17:00-19:00

1st team (to include ENC regional training)

2nd team

Sports Park (Sports Hall)



Friday 1st team and HPP training partners Sports Park (Sports Hall/ADC) 07:00-09:00
Sunday University League Sports Park (Covered courts) 15:00-17:00

Notable club achievements

  • Improving from 11th-6th place from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015 in BUCS rankings
  • 5th Place in 2014-2015 and Championship last 16 (losing to Northumbria in the first round)
  • 4th Place in 2013-14 and Championship Quarter Finalists (beating Loughborough in the first round)
  • 3rd Place in 2012-13 and Championship Quarter Finalists (beating Durham in the first round)
  • 4th place in BUCS South Premier in first year in the division 2011-2012
  • League Winners (1A) and promotion playoff winners in 2010-2011 (promoted to BUCS South Premier division for the 2011-2012 season)
  • League winners (1A) in 2009-2010
  • Trophy Finalists (silver medallists) in 2007-2008


Hall of Fame

  • Ellie Gibbons- Team Bath Netball Superleague squad 2014-2015
  • Ashleigh Jay – U21 England Indoor Netball squad 2014 and Team Bath Netball Superleague long squad 2014-2015
  • Clare Jones-English Universities 2012, Celtic Dragons Superleague squad 2015-2016 and Welsh squad 2015-2016
  • Hannah Leger-English Universities 2012
  • Alice Appleton-2009 World Youth Netball Championships


Performance Netball

Approximately 16 players are selected annually for our High Performance Squad which has access to the following programme and support:

  • Full pre-season training programme
  • Two netball specific court sessions per week
  • BUCS Premier League and South West Regional League matches
  • Specialist coaching including team and unit play
  • Three Strength and Conditioning sessions per week 
  • Weekly video and team analysis sessions
  • Individualised analysis and review meetings
  • Mentoring for our aspiring student-coaches

Access to a range of support services provided by the High Performance unit including:

  • Strength and Conditioning-access to the (ADC) for squad specific sessions and open session access, specific term time and holiday programmes, fitness testing and monitoring.
  • Sports Science support- nutrition, psychology, performance analysis, athlete lifestyle support and an annual fitness testing package.
  • Physiotherapy-subsidised physiotherapy and sports massage, access to weekly physiotherapy triage sessions both provided by Ocean Physio and rehab.
  • Workshops-including employability, nutrition, psychology, student athlete lifestyle management.


Scholarships can be awarded to students who have previously competed at England Netball Performance League standard or above. We are committed to supporting talented individuals who remain a part of their National Performance Pathway whilst at University and those with aspirations to play for a Netball Superleague franchise.

We operate a full pre-season training programme from 1 September which typically includes three sessions, five days per week. Returning performance players as well as those identified from other BUCS teams are invited to attend, as well as incoming first year students of the appropriate standard. If you are short-listed for a Sport Scholarship, you will be expected to attend our pre-season training.

Our first team objective is to achieve and maintain a top three finish in the South Premier Division and reach the semi-final stages of the Championship. We aim to support the development of individuals to reach their potential so that they leave the University as all round better athletes with a greater tactical and technical awareness.