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University of Exeter Fencing Club


Club Captain: 

Harry Angus


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The University of Exeter's Fencing Club aims to cater for all abilities, from beginners to experienced fencers in a friendly and stimulating environment. We are a growing club that has seen a lot of development over the last few years. The club provides weekly training both for beginners and experienced fencers in all three weapons: epee, foil and sabre. 

We have an extensive programme for beginners, who are trained by top level professional coaches and the club's committee. Competitions and fun sessions are organised monthly for beginners to improve the basic skills they learn in the first term and to get a taste for competitive fencing. Weapons and kit are provided by the club for all of those who do not have their own.

The Fencing Club is also a competitive environment where experienced fencers from different countries have a chance to continue to improve their skills with high quality coaching, participate in UK regional and national competitions and represent the University of Exeter in BUCS competitions. The club has both a women’s and men’s team, who fence other South Western universities in BUCS leagues and cups. Once a year experienced fencers also have the opportunity to enter BUCS individuals national competition.   

The club also has a great social side with regular social events, ranging from dinners to intramural sports to nights out, providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all members and a chance to make great friends.

Club training times

Monday Fencing Sports Park 21:00-22:00
Monday Fencing Sports Park 20:00-22:00
Thursday Fencing Sports Park 18:00-20:00
Friday Fencing Sports Park 20:00-22:00

Notable club achievements

  • BUCS Women's Western 1A League Winners (2014/2015) and promoted to BUCS Premier South for 2015/2016 season,
  • 2nd in BUCS Women's Trophy Competition (2014/2015),
  • 2nd in Women's Épée at the Wellington Open (2015),
  • 2nd in Men's Foil at the Wellington Open (2015),
  • 3rd in Men's Sabre at the Wellington Open (2015),
  • 9th in Women's Foil at the Birmingham International Fencing Tournament (2015),
  • 8th and 14th in Women's Foil at BUCS Individuals (2015),
  • 6th in Women's Foil at the Welsh Open (2014),
  • 13th in Women's Foil at the Bristol Open (2014).
  • Team member, Lorna Martin, has been selected to represent Scotland at the 2015 Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships in South Africa.
  • Team members, Lorna Martin and Alex Fitton, were part of winning English foil and épée teams at the Student Five Nations 2015.
  • Team member, Georgie Lindsay, represented Guernsey at the 2014 Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Scotland, and at the 2012 Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships in Jersey, where she won a bronze medal in the Women's Team Épée.