Committee area

Submitting Results

BUCS requires results to be inputted online, therefore please let the AU Office know your results on the evening of your games. You can do this by sending a message to the office phone on -07876216460.  Please ensure that the text is precise and states your sport, your team, your opposition and the score for each team.

Individual Entries

All affiliations and entries to BUCS Competition (Team & Individual) are fully subsidised by The University of Exeter. Information on all competitions and tournaments that are held throughout the year can be found on the BUCS website and will be emailed to the club email accounts throughout the year reminding you of the entry deadline.

If your club or any of your members want to enter competitions please read through the entry information on BUCS and contact the sports administrator in the au office and then you can enter your players.  

Playing Under Protest

When the conditions do not adhere to those outlined in the BUCS General Regulations, Sport Specific Regulations or Premier League Contract you are entitled to complete a playing under protest form as soon as the issue arises, whether this is at the start of the fixture or during the fixture. Both teams must sign and cannot refuse (Please note that the opposition is simply signing to acknowledge that the other team have a grievance and have raised the issue).  Please remember though that if a team advises you of a situation that will affect the type of play before fixture day and you choose to still travel, then you are accepting the conditions as advised and do not have the right to ‘Play Under Protest’.

Getting to Games

If there are multiple teams travelling to the same destination you will likely be provided transport and the details shall be sent to your team captain prior to your fixture.  If this isn’t the case you have the option of either driving your own car or hiring a vehicle through us.

Hire Vehicle

To book a hire Vehicle you need to fill out a vehicle request form.  You must bring the form into the AU office at least 5 working days prior to your fixture, this is so we have enough time to confirm your vehicle booking.  When filling out your form you must ensure that all the drivers names are correct and that they have all completed a Driver Registration form.  ‌

Driver Registration

To be eligible to drive a hire vehicle you need to have been driving for over 1 year and hold a full clean UK driving license.  If you meet this criteria you must fill out a drivers registration form and provide a copy of your paper and plastic license up at the AU office.


On some occasions accommodation can be arranged via the au office for away games.  However this is not something you should presume you will get for all weekly fixtures. If you have any queries then please contact us on or pop into the office.

Petrol Claims

When travelling to BUCS away fixtures you are entitled to claim back your travel expenses, you can do this by completing a student claims form.  When completing the form you must provide the following evidence:

  • Receipt of fuel purchase (Hire cars only)
  • Train tickets
  • Bus Tickets

When you travel to your away games in your own cars you are entitled to a fix rate per mile which is shown on the student claim forms.  If you have not recorded your mileage you can simply use an online route planner to work this out.  

The form must be completed by the Monday after your Wednesday fixture. This is then processed on the Tuesday and will be in your bank on the Friday. The payments are made through the University finance system so you must ensure that your bank details are all up to date and correct on the finance tab on your My Exeter student record.

Timepiece Fund

If your club experiences any unforeseen charges throughout the year you are able to enter an application to the Timepiece fund.  The fund is a sum of money gratefully donated to us by our sponsors Timepiece, who continuingly provide support to the Athletic Union and its clubs.  All applications will be reviewed by the Exec Committee who meet on a weekly basis and you will be notified of your outcome.

Kit Fund

Clubs can apply for a contribution towards there playing kit.  Funding can only be granted if the purchase is for the club not an individual (this means all items must remain with the club throughout the season) and if the kit is bought from one of our chosen suppliers.



When organising an event for your club it is important that you keep the Athletic Union informed throughout the planning process.  You will need to submit a full event proposal including budget  to the AU office before finalising any of your plans.


If your committee hosts an event for your club at an external venue you will be required to sign a contract with them.  It is essential that a member of staff at the Athletic Union signs this and not a committee member.  This will ensure that in the event of any unforeseen circumstances no individual can be held liable.


Posters and marketing material for your events will require Athletic union approval before you are able to distribute them around campus.  Once a member of staff has checked your poster they will stamp it with an AU approved stamp so that it won’t be taken down.  It is recommended that an electronic sample is emailed to before printing to keep costs down if any mistakes have been made.

Health and Safety

If your club are planning a fundraising or one off event for others, you need to fill out a risk assessment.  It is vital that the AU office are aware of all of the organising/planning of your trip and have approved this all with you.

Trip registration forms

When you are planning trips away, if it’s just for the day or for a weekend you need to complete a trip registration form.  The form is attached and must be returned to the AU office before the organised trip.

The form can be handed into the au office or sent via email to the email account.

Many clubs attain funding through sponsorship agreements and your club can be an attractive opportunity for a variety of prospective sponsors.

 It’s important that Club’s work closely with the Athletic Union to identify suitable sponsors and approach organisations in an appropriate way. As such, before contacting any potential sponsors or distributing sponsorship proposals, please ensure you liaise with us. For more information about sponsorship please contact