What are Virtual Classes?

Due to the popularity of our fitness classes, we now offer additional virtual classes. These sessions are not instructor-led, but are still a fun and safe way to keep fit in a group setting. You can expect the same great music and dynamic workouts as you would get in an instructor-led class, and our excellent facilities provide plenty of room and all the equipment you need to complete the class.

These are available at reduced cost to Gym and PAYG members (£2.00 instead of £3.70), while Inclusive members can access all classes (instructor-led and virtual) for free. The cost for non-members is £5.50. All virtual classes take place at the Streatham Sports Park.

Visit our full timetable to check when Virtual Classes are running.

Book class online

You can also book over the phone by contacting the Sports Park on 01392 724452 or St Luke's Sports Centre on 01392 724940.