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Booking questions and responses

Thank you!

Thanks for all your feedback and positivity about the Outdoor Pool so far, we are ensurung we are following the guidelines for your safety. We appreciate there are significant changes and challenges this year, we are constantly reviewing systems and processes to make improvements.

Please read this the FAQ on this page before continuing to book your session online.

If you experience a problem or have a question please email 

Response: Unfortunately this is a problem with Google Chrome. We have been informed by our suppliers that there is an issue with Google Chrome (version 90), related to the banking 3D secure processes unrelated to our software. This follows some security updates as applied by software providers outside of our control. Our software suppliers are monitoring the situation and will update us when the problem has been resolved by the external software suppliers.

Solution: If you do experience this please call us on 01392 722515 or 01392 724452 and we can make the booking for you.

Response: We are requesting that all bookings (where possible) are made through the online booking system. The lifeguards at the Outdoor Pool are not always able to answer the phone, their prime purpose is the safety of those customers in the pool and then following extensive Covid-secure protocols between sessions.

Solution: We are implementing plans to temporarily re-direct the Outdoor Pool phone to additional staffing resources at the Sports Park in order to support with taking bookings. This extra resource will be at limited times during the day, which will be communicated online. We appreciate the online booking system is a different way to book sessions and we are always making improvements in the background.


Response: We have created a simple how to book an online session. to how to book yourself and family members on to the sessions. The software is used by leisure providers and although it can be tricky to start with it is a simple process once you get used to it.

Solution: Please use the how to book an online session. and call us if you do have problems.

Response: The prices, link to the timetable, link to the bookings page and the PDF guide are all on one page on our website – the Swimming Page. You can save this as a bookmark in your browser to make it easier and you can also how to book an online session. . There is a Swimming Pools link from our main homepage and a web banner at the top of the page which links to the Swimming page.

Solution: Bookmark the Swimming Page in your favourites. We are trying to keep all the swimming information on one page to keep everything together for you.

Response: The booking system was designed for single bookings, there is a workaround to add multiple people – please see the how to book an online session. for full instructions. We are reviewing the booking process of the Family Swim Sessions to see if there is an easier way, plus we are planning extra staffing resources to answer the phone to support.

Solution: Please follow the instructions in the PDF and call us if you are experiencing problems, or emails us at

Response: In all honesty we have witnessed that the online booking system does not retain the information of casual non-member customers which requires you to re-add your details each time. We are currently reviewing a solution for this which we are looking to implement shortly which will make the process easier for you. The proposal is that we will create a membership called Outdoor Pool Swim Customer (which costs £0) and once you sign up with this free membership you can then register as a member on the online portal so you just simply log-in every time and all your details will be saved and booking history available. You will be able to do this for each family member.

Solution: We will communicate just as soon as we have finished testing the solution mentioned above and add some notes online for you to follow.

Response: We are following Government and Industry guidelines to ensure we can operate in a Covid-secure manner. The safety of both our customers and staff is essential, therefore we have extra measures in place that we have not needed in previous years. We must retain customer information to ensure we can communicate effectively if we are required to do so, every person attending must register. As the measures also limit the maximum numbers allowed in the facility at a significantly lower figure than in previous years we don’t want customers turning up to swim and being disappointed and turned away. By booking in advance and online you can see how many spaces are available for each session, which means you are guaranteed a swim at the booking time.

Solution: We will follow Government and Industry guidelines for the safety of our staff and customers, please continue to book in advance. If the regulations relax or change we will look to adapt as we move through the summer, but safety is priority.

Response: One of the benefits of having membership is that as a member you can book a week further ahead than non-members. A child on the Swim School has a Live Membership which does indeed permit the longer book ahead period. We are committed to continuing to offer Swim School children free swim as a great loyalty thank you, even though we are not charging any fees currently and also not charging a retainer for this period. We don’t want to take the free swimming away (we are getting no income for this), so we have concluded the best option is that we will reduce the book ahead period for Swim School Children Members to match that of non-members. This will remove the booking confusion but also retain the FREE swim for Swim School Children.

Solution: We will retain the FREE Swim for Swim School Children but will reduce the book ahead period to match that of non-members to remove this confusion.

Response: Due to the changing nature of the demand on the facility the timetable will change multiple times throughout the summer to meet the varied requirements of our customers. Throughout the Summer Vacation period we expect there to be more Family Swim sessions available but during University term-time we require more private closed sessions for our University community. We will communicate as far in advance as we can the timetable on our Swimming webpage.

Solution: Yes! The timetable will change throughout the opening weeks – we will communicate this as far in advance as we possibly can. Please keep an eye on our Swimming webpage for the latest information

Response: Unfortunately at the moment this is not possible. Without asking for timed swim reports the speed of a customer’s swimming is subject to perception. We are not able to ask or indeed book the fast / medium or slow lanes individually. We ask all swimmers to be respectful of all other sessions’ attendees and swim in the most appropriate lane.

Solution: We ask all swimmers to be respectful of all other sessions attendees and swim in the most appropriate lane.

Response: Yes, but we are currently asking that swimmers attend swim ready where possible to reduce the pressures on the changing facilities due to social distancing measure in place, following the guidelines allowing us to open. We have the changing rooms on poolside as well as changing rooms at the bottom of the steps outside the facility. Please ensure you respect social distancing measures and be patient, plus allow extra time to change. If you can arrive swim ready and even leave swim ‘clothed’ it would be great but we appreciate this is quite obviously not always possible.

Solution: Yes! But please arrive / leave swim ready if you possibly can to reduce pressures on the changing facilities.

Response: We are required to clean and complete pool testing regularly throughout the day. These small gaps allow the staff to complete these necessary tasks safely and ensure your safety within the facility. It also allows time for changing / leaving the pool area and minimising social distancing pressure with the next session attendees waiting to enter.

Solution: Unfortunately these are necessary to ensure we complete our cleaning and safety checks.

Response: Due to the restricted maximum bather numbers in the facility this year we need to make it fair to all our customers to enable you all to have the opportunity to swim. The timetable will change throughout the opening weeks and we will amend the session lengths where and when we can. We have already responded to feedback and changed some sessions, we will do what we can to balance the demand on the pool.

Solution: The timetable will change throughout the opening period and we have already (and will continue to) listen to customer feedback and balance the demands on the pool.

Response: We are afraid that we cannot control the weather, if you can’t attend a booked session you must cancel it online through the booking portal or call us to cancel with 48 hours’ notice otherwise we are unable to reschedule / refund. If we close the pool due to poor weather we will of course re-book all customers.

Solution: Sorry, but we can’t control the weather! Please cancel sessions with 48 hours notice.

Response: Great question, sadly not! The pool is heated to 29 so should be nice and warm for you though! If you have any ideas on this we are always willing to listen!

Solution: Sadly we don’t have a solution for this one right now!

Response: This is indeed something we have investigated, however part of the appeal is that it is an outdoor pool and as such open to the elements (good or bad). These solutions are very costly and take up quite a lot of space on the pool surround. Traditionally the demand for the outdoor pool decreases significantly as we move into September and therefore it is not cost-effective for us to run the equipment and staff the pool throughout the winter – but we have opened the pool in 2021 for more weeks then we have ever done previously!

Solution: We have looked at options and we will continue to review.