The Nicholas Bull Boathouse

Based on the banks of the Exeter Canal, the Nicholas Bull boathouse is home to the University of Exeter Rowing Club. Specially constructed in 2012, the purpose-built boathouse represents a £500,000 investment in rowing and provides the club with the ideal space in which to store and maintain their fleet of boats.

The boathouse was made possible by the generosity and vision of University of Exeter alumnus Nicholas Bull, Captain of Rowing 1972.

The boathouse also allows immediate and easy access to the water via its floating pontoon. The calm and flat waters of the canal are the perfect training environment for the club, with the paths on either side used by coaches to give instruction whilst the crew is on the water.

Ergo training facility

Alongside the boathouse the Rowing Club also have exclusive access to an Ergo facility at the Sports Park for land-based training and fitness. The facility features Concept 2 rowers and free-weights equipment.