Exeter Tennis centre has 30 players on the mini performance programme.

There are four stages in the mini performance programme.

Mini performance programme

Our mini performance programme boasts a number of players who regularly compete in national and regional level tournaments. We train several who are ranked in the top 25 nationally and top 10 regionally, with some also identified to have National ID status and receive Matrix funding from the Lawn Tennis Association. We also have players who are Regional and County ID level.

To allow the programme to progress and develop we have a full time Mini Performance Manager who looks after the 30 players currently on our programme.

There are four stages of the mini performance programme: Mini Red Elite, Mini Orange Performance, Mini Green Performance and Yellow Transition.

Mini Red Elite

These players have been selected from our mini red legends programme by the Mini Performance Manager or have come from another centre with the recommendation of joining this group. All players will be expected to attend two out of the three sessions available, showing they have a commitment to tennis along with real promise and talent! The sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes long with an option of three squads a week. 30 minutes of each session is dedicated to fitness.

Mini Orange Performance

This group of players will either come from the Red Elite programme or will be recommended by the Devon LTA Talent & Performance Coordinator and come from other clubs. We have two levels of performance within the programme to ensure players with similar goals train together in the same group. The usual split is to have the national and regional players together and then the county level players. These players should commit to at least three sessions per week. Players should be of a good county, regional or national level. There will be an option of three squads per week which are two hours long and include 30 mins of fitness. Term one is usually based on building cardiovascular endurance, term two is a mixture of speed and endurance and term three is based more on speed. At this level players should be looking to build in individual hits on a weekly basis and have one / two individual lessons per week on top of their squad sessions.

Mini Green Performance

These players come from the Mini Orange Performance programme or can be nominated from the development programme at the discretion of the Mini Performance Manager or the Devon LTA Talent & Performance Coordinator. They have the commitment that is expected from performance players, such as playing at least three times per week. Players’ criteria and options are the same as in the mini orange performance.

Yellow Transition

This is for the players who are on the performance programme but have just come out of Mini Green or are just leaving that age group. These squads allow the performance players to familiarise themselves with the yellow ball without the pressure of having to come into a squad with older performance players who may have more experience with this ball. 

Tier system

Akin to the junior performance programme we have a Tier system in place so that the players know their current level and what they need to attain to progress. It is a four tiered system with Tier 1 being the highest at a National level playing grade 2s and training around 14hrs per week. Tier 2 is for regional ID players playing grade 2 & 3s with 100% commitment to tennis and playing 8-12hrs per week. Tier 3 players are those who regularly compete in grade 3&4s, aiming for regional / county ID and playing & 6-8hrs per week. Tier 4 players play 4-6hrs per week, regularly compete in local tournaments and are aiming for county ID status. Please see our Mini Tiers leaflet for more details.

For further information on the Mini Performance Programme criteria see our Mini Performance Leaflet 2012 and Mini Performance progressions

Our programme is also accessed by players from other centres across Devon. This allows them to train with other high level players whilst receiving quality coaching and the other support services we offer. In addition to the weekly squad programme the top players will receive weekly strength and conditioning, Pilates, individual sessions and hitting sessions. We also offer individual goal setting for the top players, along with tournament visits and trips to High Performance Centres.

Other information:

If players complete two or more squads per week the cost per two hours will be £12.00, if players only complete one squad per week the cost will be £14.00 per squad.

Extra sessions such as 'hitting' and individuals are arranged separately according to the needs of the individual player.

For more information contact Charlotte Wallace.