Tennis Performance junior

Many options available for junior performance players.

Junior performance

We offer a full rounded programme for all performance juniors with opportunities to have squad sessions, individual work and hitting sessions. Our top level players will receive extra support with physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, Pilates, nutrition, goal setting and tournament visits. We run sessions before and after school and typically most of our performance players play three or four times (6-10hrs) of organised sessions per week and receive 1hr strength and conditioning and 1hr Pilates per week. Some players require and want more which we can organise and arrange separately. Each player will have an individualised programme that has been tailor made by the coaches at the centre.

Our flexible programme  ensures players have the right training to enable them to compete at the level they aspire to. We achieve this by grouping players together who have similar goals and commitment level to tennis.

The junior performance programme works to a strict criterion of what players need to do in order to become a performance player. To help understand the level and needs of our performance players we have a tier system that explains the requirements of each level of player. Tier 1 is the highest level and tier 4 lowest, the higher the tier the more support the player will be offered. To view the criteria see the Junior Tiers section.

Players will be classed as Tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 and be offered squads based on their standard and ambitions. We also have 'access players' (players whose main programme is based at another centre) who come to join our squads on a weekly basis.


If players do 2 or more squads per week then the cost per 2 hours squad will be £14.00, if players only do one squad per week then the cost will be £16.00 per squad.

For more information regarding junior performance please contact Charlotte Wallace (Performance Manager) or call 01392 723699.