Corporate Cricket

Throughout the year we run a number of corporate cricket events for businesses throughout the community to meet, network and compete in enjoyable and highly social events.

  • Fast-paced games, often won or lost on the final ball
  • Simplified rules to create a fun atmosphere and encourage everyone to play - not just cricket players
  • Friendly, but with enough competitiveness to create some great games
  • Free use of cricket equipment and pads during the games
  • At least one umpire present, who will also be a qualified coach and can offer advice where necessary
  • Discounted net rates for extra practice

Corporate Indoor 6-a-side Cricket League

This league brings together eight companies in a tournament. Matches take place at the Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre at the Sports Park and last one hour, with all players having an opportunity to bat, bowl and field. The rules have been adapted to make the games more fun and accessible for all players!

What are the rules?

  • All players bowl two overs
  • Batsmen retire at 25 (but can bat again)
  • There are no extra balls for wides (apart from the last over)
  • No leg before wicket (LBW)
  • A line halfway down the pitch to stop short-pitch bowling
  • Relaxed no-balls rules for bowling techniques

View the full list of rules: Corporate Indoor 6-a-side Cricket League Rules

To register your interest and get your company involved, email Jack Bradbury at

All fixtures, results and statistics are compiled online and updated each week.

Corporate Cricket Indoor Festivals 

Using the Sir Christopher Ondaatje Devon Cricket Centre at the Sports Park, these one-off evening events are great fun and fast-paced. We have adapted the rules to ensure a fun and fast-paced event and encourage everyone to take part. At the end of the evening there will be awards for the winning company, most runs, most wickets, worst batting record and fun moment of the evening. Find out more on the Indoor Festivals page.

Outdoor Cricket

During the summer we run 20 / 20 outdoor cricket tournaments at Topsham Sports Ground on the outskirts of Exeter. Small boundaries mean big scores with an abundance of sixes and fours keeping all the fielders busy throughout the game. The usual rules of cricket apply but are not strictly enforced as games are designed to be light-hearted yet competitive.

What are the rules?

  • 20 overs
  • Batsmen retire at 25 (and can bat again)
  • All bowlers bowl a maximum of 2 overs
  • Small boundaries