Your feedback

‌‌We greatly value for feedback and use it to continually improve the service we offer. We strive to deliver excellent facilities and opportunities so please be honest in your feedback. We have a Customer Care Charter and a Service Quality pledge. You can leave feedback via our online form, in person to a member of gym staff, or via our feedback machines.

Below are some examples of actions taken as a result of the feedback we have received.

DateYou said...We did...
May 2016 More classes towards the end of the week Our latest timetable (Summer 2016) has a more even spread of classes throughout the week. 
May 2016 More Les Mills classes Over a third of our classes at the Sports Park are designed by Les Mills, and the recent introduction of Virtual Classes has allowed us to host more Les Mills classes.
May 2016 Lunchtime classes should start a bit later than 12:00 to make it easier for staff to attend We have adjusted our Sports Park Summer timetable to offer more 12:15, 12:30 and 13:00 start times, as well as having some 45 minute classes so that staff can fit them into their lunch breaks. We also offer several 30 minute Synrgy classes before work and at lunchtimes so that people can still fit an intense workout into a busy working day.
Feb 2016 No wifi access for externals We now offer WiFi access to all customers at the Sports Park and St Luke's Sports Centre. To access the network, simply select "UoE_Guest" and enter your credentials (name and email address) to log in.
July 2015 General feedback concerning the fitness classes timetable We organised an open customer forum where all customers were invited to attend and discuss with the Health & Fitness Manager.
June 2015 Another women's weightlifting bar is needed A new women's bar has been ordered.
June 2015 Watt Bikes are uncomfortable to use, because of the heat We have purchased a new fan for the Watt Bike area.
June 2015 Change the music in the gym We purchased additional music to increase the variety played.
May 2015 More benches are needed Another Olympic flat bench has been ordered.
May 2015 An EZ Bar or Barbell is needed upstairs An additional bar has been purchased for the upstairs Synrgy area.
May 2015 Staff were very helpful We're pleased to hear it! These comments have been passed on to staff. We have also added daily workshops and staff-designed program cards to help gym users with technique and training methods.
March 2015 The changing room signs are very small and there is a lack of signage down the corridor We have installed new signs down the corridor of the Russell Seal building.
March 2015 A net over the MUGA would be good - to stop balls coming into the area and going out We have installed a net over the MUGA to resolve this issue.
March 2015 More water fountains would be good, particularly near the Tennis facilities A new water fountain is located next to the coffee machine in the seating area by the Tennis Centre.
March 2015 The squat racks are always in use We have rearranged the equipment to make more of it available to users around the gym.
March 2015 Bring back Kisstory! Kiss FM will be played during the Kisstory hours!
March 2015 Mirrors and platforms are needed on the new squat racks We have added new platforms, and are in the process of ordering new mirrors.
March 2015 Too hot in the gym We have increased our maintenance schedule to improve the air-conditioning in the gym.
March 2014 The middle net dividing the pitches up is damaged The net on the rubber crumb has been replaced (as of Summer 2014). We are due to replace the sand pitch net in Summer 2015.
March 2014 The surface of the rubber crumb pitch is quite worn We installed a brand new surface including shock-pad over the summer of 2014 and we will be following a robust maintenance plan to ensure the highest quality surface for the rubber crumb and other pitches.
Feb 2014 The new self-login points are useful when it is busy, but they can be very slow We have invested in this and worked with the University IT department and our external software provider to improve the performance of the machines. They are now working more quickly and reliably.