Your feedback

‌‌We greatly value your feedback and use it to continually improve the service we offer. We strive to deliver excellent facilities and opportunities so please be honest in your feedback. We have a Customer Care Charter and a Service Quality pledge. You can leave feedback via our online form, in person to a member of gym staff, or via our feedback machines.

Below are some examples of actions taken as a result of the feedback we have received.

DateYou said...We did...
January 2018 Lockers are always broken within the lower changing rooms. Although we purchased new locks these were clearly not robust enough. We have since been out to a new supplier and these locks seem to be working well.
January 2018 We have no way of monitoring our personal stats e.g BMI, balance etc. We have recently purchased a Boditrax machine which can measure a person’s stats on a regular basis. These can be purchased through reception.
January 2018 The cricket centre curtain is ripped and does not pull back very well. We are in the process of obtaining quotation for replacing the cricket centre netting and frame. Please bear with us on this one.
January 2018 You do not offer any Sports Massage. One member of the gym team is now offering Sports Massage. Please ask for Niall Cooper at reception for further details.
January 2018 You do not offer hands on inductions for anyone who needs a little extra information. We now offer group inductions. Also if anyone wants more advice please feel free to speak with any staff member within the gym.
June 2017 Why do you only open the Russell Seal Fitness Centre to 22:00? We trialled a 23:00 finish during the exam period. We will be reviewing the data to see if this might be a more permanent fixture.
June 2017 The Russell Seal Fitness Centre Free weights area does not have enough stations. We have purchased a new lifting rig and moved some other items around.
June 2017 Lighting needs improvement within the Covered Courts. We have replaced all lights within the Covered Courts with new LED lights.
June 2017 The Sports Hall ladies changing rooms are old and tatty. We have redecorated this changing room to give it a better look and feel.
June 2017 You do not do designated swim sessions in the Outdoor Pool. We have adjusted our timetable please see this here.
October 2016 We cannot play Golf after it gets dark. We have installed floodlights at the Vic Ambler Golf Centre.
October 2016 Studio 1 bikes are starting to become tatty. We have purchased some brand new Matrix 7 bikes, which have increased technology within them enhancing the indoor cycling class. 
October 2016 You do not put on enough variety of classes at St Lukes. Please watch this space, we are investigating extra classes we can put on at St Luke's Sports Centre.
May 2016 Lunchtime classes should start a bit later than 12:00 to make it easier for staff to attend We have adjusted our Sports Park Summer timetable to offer more 12:15, 12:30 and 13:00 start times, as well as having some 45 minute classes so that staff can fit them into their lunch breaks. We also offer several 30 minute Synrgy classes before work and at lunchtimes so that people can still fit an intense workout into a busy working day.
February 2016 No wifi access for externals We now offer WiFi access to all customers at the Sports Park and St Luke's Sports Centre. To access the network, simply select "UoE_Guest" and enter your credentials (name and email address) to log in.