Our Sporting Stars Education Days inspire children to succeed in sport.

Sporting Stars Education Days

 The Athletic Union have been awarded funding from the University Annual Fund to run an initiative called ‘Sporting Stars Education Days’.

The aim of the ‘Sporting Stars Education Days’ are to educate and inspire children to succeed within a sporting field.  Within the days, the students from local schools will be given the opportunity to look at other aspects of sport apart from performance, and experience facilities and coaching that they would not experience in their own schools.

The children experience fun, active seminars in areas such as Nutrition, Psychology, Physiology and Strength and Conditioning, with help from PhD students and high performance coaches.  The afternoon consists of sports taster sessions where the children are introduced to sports they have not previously had experience of - such as Lacrosse, Squash, Golf and Volleyball– which make use of some of the University’s onsite top-class sport-specific facilities. These sessions are run by AU club members and coaches.

The children are also provided with a ‘Sporting Stars’ t-shirt and a reusable ‘goody bag’ to take away with them!

A student committee from the School of Sport and Health Sciences organise and deliver each of the days, with the help of Sports Volunteer Scheme members, giving the students a wealth of practical experience and enhancing their employability.  

For more information about these days please contact Lauren Andrews at sportingstars@exeter.ac.uk